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Who is Sherry Shriner Pt 4

Cary G Dean.

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I have worked hard building and maintaining websites over the years to educate and inform His people to what has gone on, is going on, or what is coming, and I won't stop until He says it is time to.

And as my enemies can attest, I can not be intimidated either.

I have received several death threats over the years and have posted some of them on my websites out of amusement.

Mostly, I ignore them. I do not fear Lucifer, and certainly, I do not fear man. The Lord is my strength.

In 2001, I was led by the Lord to buy a Bible Codes program and learn how to search for and analyze codes.

I had no idea what I was doing, and it was very complicated to learn.

There were many times I wanted to just give up, but He would keep me at it, and He began to show me how to operate the program, how to look up terms, and how to analyze what I was finding.

In essence, He basically taught me how to decode the Bible Himself.

I learned how to decode my own name and I confirmed that the Lord had anointed me to decode His Word, I learned more about my calling in Him and who I was, and why I was born.

I learned that I was His messenger, an emissary and a mouthpiece for Him in these last days. I was called to be a Watchman, a Prophet, and a warrior for Him.

The Lord even told me and then showed me in His records that I was King David’s grand daughter

When He revealed this to me in 2004, things began to make sense.

For years Yahweh would always tell me I reminded Him of David.

One day He said to me, “You remind Me of your grandfather.” And I asked, “Which one?” And He said, “David.”

When He said that, I was not just shocked.

I was completely floored!

I had seen royalty terms all over my Bible Code, but I had no idea I was related to King David.

He told me to go into the codes, and I would find it.

Sure enough, I did. .

The codes also explained the boldness and lack of fear I had developed in fighting against Lucifer and his new world order.

As my ancient grandfather King David fought the giants in his day without fear, I too had stepped forward to fight against the giants in these last days without fear.

I had come a long way from being a child who would hide under her blankets.

Without God's anointing and direction, I do not even think it is possible to get very far in understanding or decoding Bible Codes accurately.

It is very difficult and not something you can even do without discernment.

Sure, there are those who try to decode and even publish their results but I have found very few that are really led by Him to do them.

Most interpreters decode out of their own interest and curiosity and make a multitude of mistakes.

Finding a Bible Code is half the battle.

You have to know how to accurately read and analyze the information and understand how the Hebrew language uses terms.

Without the Lord’s anointing and key to decoding, I would not be the decoder I am today.

He has given me a key to the codes. When He told me He had given me a key to the codes, I did not really understand the extent of what He had said until I saw the work of many other decoders and their little if not complete lack of understanding of how the codes really work.

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