Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Who is Sherry Shriner Pt 5

Cary G Dean.

By Sherry Shriner

Over the years, God has revealed to me through the codes His records and the plans of mankind.

I have learned how to use the codes to unravel daily events and find the truth in them about what is really happening and in the process, expose the media and government lies that are being told to the public.

I have also learned how to expose the events that are planned for the future by Lucifer, including the organizations, governments and secret societies working to bring him into power.

One thing is certain, the government lies and uses the media as a mere tool for their deceit.

And it has been my experience that being an accurate decoder makes a person a prime target of their surveillance.

In 2002 the Lord specifically led me into what I have termed the Alien Agenda and has revealed much information to me about the coming UFO and Alien invasion to America and our Earth.

He has shown and continues to show me different routes being taken to spearhead the arrival of end time events and what they really are, as opposed to what the churches and prophecy gurus teach.

The Lord has shown me and led me to expose the plans of those who are involved in the various groups within governments, which are unified around the world and competing against one another to bring Satan to power as the Antichrist.

More importantly, He has shown me how to tear down their strongholds.

In 2003, the Lord told me

"You will speak to the Nations."

The Lord is using me to wake up, warn, and teach His people about coming events and has said,

"Lead My people back to Me,"

Which has become my mandate and one of my messages to the world today. Come back to the Most High God!

In 2004, He proclaimed,

"I am raising you up as a Prophet to the Nations."

Today over 116 countries visit my websites on a daily basis, and as of this writing, over 100 countries are listening to my internet radio show at


As an internet radio show host, I expose the Luciferian New World Order, UFOs, Aliens, the Alien agenda, the coming UFO invasion, Planet X, NESARA, the deceptions in the churches, and the coming of the Antichrist to power.

Other than with Him at my side, I do it almost alone.

Personal donations help me cover the costs of my websites and radio shows, but I do not have webmasters to design or run my websites, nor do I have a radio producer to prepare my shows or help me put them together, nor can I afford to pay for them.

I am just a voice in the wilderness who He has called to stand up against the strongholds of the devil and the New World Order in these last days.

I have several venues in doing this, and I am using every one of them to wake up God’s sleeping people and sound the alarms concerning what is coming.

It has become evident you will not learn the truth in the churches today.

The cycle of error and deception has continued through every age since Constantine and the Council of Nicea in 325A.D.

Most churches today are graveyards for the spiritually dead.

It is the churches that are the

"Whores of Babylon"

And it is America who is modern day Babylon.

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Sherry Shriner

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