Friday, 6 February 2009


Cary G Dean.

Message given to Sherry Shriner by the Most High

By Sherry Shriner

I love you child.

Things are stirring up...the plans of the wicked are about to conceive and materialize in front of the whole world.

The world is ripe for chaos, death and destruction.

The economies are failing, people are in misery, confusion and fear among the nations is growing.

Don't look for what man can do for you but what I can.

I will provide for my children and lead them to safety or keep them safe.

Your future is short and bright where you are for now.

A shining star in the heavens, you shine for Me, and I am lifting you up among the nations.

Don't be afraid of what man can do, but tell them to fear.


My judgment is on the wicked, even now, and will continue to be so.

Many of these things now were not in their plans child...and I have cast them into derision for making a mockery of My Name and Justice.

Tell them child the time is short for many to turn from their sin and wickedness and.


Judgment is upon the wicked, judgment is coming to the churches, and judgment is coming to those who mock Me and My servants.

Many have stood up to mock you child, and cause derision against you.

I am going to stand against them and they will fear and shake at MY anger.

No more will I allow them to come against My servant's, but I will tell them to respect them or die.

I will not lead them by mercy but with judgment.

They use My name to excuse their evil actions against you and I'm sick and tired of it.

They will see and they will know that you are MY servant.

Continue to do as you are child.


The brutal weather is a mixture of what is normal and what isn't.

They are chilling the atmosphere for their own sakes.

Most of what can't be seen by the many are caused and manipulated by the few.

I love you child and the time is coming when I will bring you home to My glory.

They will all know you were mine.

Let them rejoice, quiver or be ashamed at their shamefulness.

I know you are angry at them and My hand will deal against them child.

Arabia and the World is a cesspool right now.

Much going on with their arrival and those fighting against them.

They didn't expect much of what is happening.

I laugh at their derision and enjoy their confusion..they' ve always underestimated ME and My people and now they will pay the price.


I will enjoy it child.

I will watch from My throne their destruction and demise and I will laugh at their misery.

You've done've taught well and you've led well.

Yes you've accomplished many things with so little.

You will live on in infamy child, you have no idea right now, but you will always be remembered as a true Warrior of mine despite being hated by stood and stayed strong and you fought on...and that will always be remembered child, you're true love for Me.

I didn't raise up a monkey (responding to something I had said earlier), I stood up a horsewoman with great strength and boldness.

Watch and be amused child.

Your fruit is many.

Find solace in Me when they come against you, and find joy in Me when there's no one else to share your happiness.


I love you.

About the Author:
Sherry Shriner
http://www.justgivemethetruth. com
http://www.strangef requenciesradio. com/


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