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Aerobics:Dying To Exersize

Cary G Dean.

By Dr. Al Sears

Finally… Aerobics is Dead!

The biggest mistake of the 1980s is finally over and done with… Jumping around for 45 minutes to an hour won't boost your lung capacity, it won't strengthen your heart – it won't even help you lose weight.

Even worse, aerobic training—the kind most doctors tout as the path to good health—can actually wreck your body.

Do enough, and aerobics will make you sick, tired and old before your time.

I can't tell you how many times my patients have come to me thinking that aerobics and long-duration "cardio" is the best and only way to improve their heart and lungs.

NOTHING!!! could be further from the truth!

If you only exercise within your current aerobic limits, you do so without improving your aerobic capacity.

In other words, you never push hard enough to stop to catch your breath.

This kind of aerobic exercise trains your body for endurance and efficiency.

That sounds great, right?

But this kind of "logic" causes "shrinkage:"

Smaller muscles, smaller heart and smaller lungs.

What's worse, it wipes out your heart's and lung's reserve capacity.

Are Your Lungs Dying?

I bet your doctor never told you this… As you age, cells in your lungs start to die off faster than you replace them – causing your lungs to shrink.

That's bad news for your strength, stamina and disease-fighting power.

And here's the kicker:

The smaller your lungs, the greater your chance of dying – of ALL causes!

Powerful Research from Around the World Reveals the Deadly Threat of Lost Lungpower

I began to see the connection between lungpower and strength back in the early seventies.

Then I discovered the pioneering work of Dr. Dean Ward, who uncovered clinical evidence connecting the loss of lungpower to aging.

He even found that lung capacity is the key indicator of how long you'll live.

This should have shocked the medical establishment… But his observation fell on deaf ears.

To this day, mainstream medicine continues to ignore the vital importance of lungpower.

(It's okay to admit that exercising can be pure drudgery – I know you've probably pushed yourself hard at the gym – without seeing the results you wanted – thinking that maybe you were doing something wrong… or worse: feeling like you were wasting your valuable time…)

Just look at our caveman ancestors.

They had incredible strength and survived under punishing and life-threatening conditions – but they didn't make themselves repeat the same movement ten thousand times – day after day!

So what did cavemen know that mainstream medicine doesn't?


Cavemen followed natural cycles of work and rest – or what I call periods of exertion and recovery.

They didn't run for hours on end, starve themselves with ridiculous diets or lift boulders over their heads to build bigger muscles.

Many of today's greatest athletes know the secret.

Carl Lewis, the winner of 9 Olympic gold medals, credits interval training for his record-breaking career.

He even recommends it to non-athletes who want to reach their highest potential.

A few years ago, Harvard researchers published the Harvard Health Professionals Study.

After studying over 7,000 people they found that the key to preventing heart disease is intensity – NOT long-duration exercise.

In another Harvard study, intensity turned out to be the key to longevity and reduced risk of death.

This study reinforces what I discovered 20 years ago:

Long-distance runners have a higher risk of sudden cardiac death than other athletes.

Later I came to call this pattern the "Jim Fixx Phenomenon," after the popular fitness guru of the 70's.

Fixx claimed that the secret to heart health and long life was endurance running – up until he died of a heart attack – while running.

Now I know that the "new science" from the 1960s that promoted jogging was a big mistake.

Long-duration aerobic training doesn't work.

It isn't natural and your body knows it.

"Couch Potatoe's live longer than Athletes"
Dr Joel Wallech
"Dead Doctor's Don't Lie".

Long-duration exercise burns fat during your workout.

Sound's good, right?

This self-defeating cycle ensures that your body makes more fat every time you finish exercising.

For decades you've been told to exercise for an hour a day – to go to the gym – to sacrifice your time, even your sanity.

Now we know that it just isn't necessary.

You don't have to suffer to be happy.

So throw away your jogging shoes, cancel your aerobics class and say goodbye to hours of never-ending workouts.

Then round up all your 'diet' books and toss them in the garbage…

About the Author:
Dr. Al Sears

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