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CoQ10:The Energy Vitamin Pt 1

Cary G Dean.

By Michael Cutler, M.D.

If Mother Nature made a medicine, Coenzyme Q10 would be the best ever!

We're in the midst of an energy crisis?.

But this crisis is not about gas or fuel—it's about your health.

Startling research reveals that as many as three out of four People are woefully deficient in Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)—the "energy nutrient"—leaving them with weak hearts, failing brains, frail immune systems, high blood pressure, low energy and poor overall health.

If that's not bad enough, big drug companies and most doctors ignore or suppress 50 years of compelling Nobel Prize-winning scientific and clinical evidence with thousands of patients about the benefits of CoQ10... all because it's not a prescription drug.

New research confirms a simple secret I learned when I first began investigating CoQ10 some 10 years ago:

If you raise your body's level of CoQ10, you'll help...

Rescue aging and damaged cells in many parts of your body and replace them with healthy, vigorous new ones...

Revitalize your aging heart so it pumps and beats as strongly as it did years ago...

Rejuvenate a fading brain so it works with the precision of a fine Swiss watch...

Reboot a weakened immune system so you can increase your ability to fight off sickness...

Re-energize your whole body so you feel alive again...

Restore your organs—especially your heart, brain, lungs and liver—so they're powerful again...

Through Nobel Prize-winning research we've learned that:

Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like substance found in virtually every one of your cells.

It works at the cellular level to produce massive amounts of energy for your entire body.

Each of your more than 100 trillion cells contain tiny power plants—called mitochondria—that need CoQ10 as the "spark" to turn stored fat and nutrients into energy your body can use.

CoQ10 serves as a vital link in the electron transport chain, which is the final step in the production of ATP—the energy fuel your body needs to run smoothly and effectively.

The problem is, without enough CoQ10, your cells, tissues and organs become energy deficient, worn out and damaged—and vulnerable to harmful free radicals and oxidative stress.

The result?

You'll feel older and sicker before your time.

That's why, among all the vitamins and supplements you could take, CoQ10 stands head and shoulders above them all.

It's THE critical foundation nutrient you need each day for great health and long life.

Ten little-known facts about CoQ10 most people—and most doctors—still don't know.

Your body's natural level of CoQ10 peaks when you're around 20 years old, then begins to decrease as you age, dropping as much as 80%.

When your body's CoQ10 level falls by 25%, you get ill.

If it falls by 80%, the result may be tissue damage and even death.

As CoQ10's level falls, so does your health.

The aging and sick body cannot make enough CoQ10 on its own for what you need each day.

CoQ10 deficiency opens the door to sickness and all sorts of health problems.

For instance, an estimated 62% of people with cardiovascular problems are deficient in CoQ10.

Studies show there is one quarter less CoQ10 in the blood of patients with heart problems than in healthy individuals!

As many as 39% of people with unhealthy blood pressure have low CoQ10 levels.

Approximately 70% of fatigue sufferers are deficient in CoQ10.

Besides aging, CoQ10 deficiency can be caused by stress, pollution and cholesterol-lowering statin drugs.

At most, you can get 5 milligrams a day of CoQ10 from the foods you eat, only 1/100th of the amount you need.

A study of 94 patients in Clinical Investigation demonstrated that low CoQ10 levels accurately predicted death within six months.

While CoQ10 is best known as a heart-boosting nutrient, it also does wonders for your brain, blood pressure, immunity, energy and whole body.

About the Author:
Michael Cutler, M.D.

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