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The Evil New Age Plan!!

Cary G Dean.

By Sherry Shriner

To bring this prophesied anti-God religious system to reality in the last days, Satan has concocted a thirteen-point Master Plan.

Called The Plan which was given to New Agers during sessions where Ascended Masters spoke to them by telepathy or channelling.

There are over 500 million daily who reportedly have regular contact with these beings.

Many of these demons have books on Best Seller Lists using various individuals to publish their Satanic messages to the world.

Author Texe Marrs revealed the chilling plan for world domination in.

"Dark Secrets of the New Age"

In practical numeric form as follow's:

The principal aim of The Plan is to establish a One world, New Age religion and a One World political and social order.

The New Age World Religion will be a revival of the idolatrous religion of ancient Babylon in which mystery cults, sorcery, and occultism, and immortality flourished.

The Plan is come to fullness when the New Age Messiah the Antichrist with the number 666 comes in the flesh to lead the unified New Age World Religion and oversee the new One World Order.

Spirit guides (aliens and demons) will help man inaugurate the New Age and will pave the way for the Antichrist, the New Age man-god, to be acclaimed by humanity as the Great World Teacher.

"World Peace," "Love," and "Unity" will be the rallying cries of this New Age World Religion.

New Age teachings are to be taught and propagated in every sphere of society around the globe.

New Age leaders and believers will spread the apostasy that Jesus (
Yahushuah) is neither God nor the Christ.

Christianity and all other religions are to become integral parts of the New Age World Religions.

Christian principles must be discredited and abandoned.

Children will be spiritually seduced and indoctrinated and the classroom used to promote New Age doctrine.

Flattery will be employed to entice the world into believing that man is a divine god.

Science and the New Age World Religion will become one.

Christians who resists The Plan will be dealt with.

If necessary they will be exterminated and the world


This Plan fully intends to fill our churches with what they call

"Cosmic Christians"?

People who pretend to be Christians, but are in fact followers of Satan who are sent to disrupt and destroy the church.

And not just in our churches, anyone can see a big part of that taking place on the Internet today in so called "Christian" circles.

In fact, New Age leaders are convinced that they will destroy the Christian churches of America without a whisper of protest from the millions of Christians in those churches.

And to a large part, many have succeeded already. What's more, they believe that their takeover of Christianity will be welcomed by most Christian ministers and laymen.

Their victory, these New Age leaders say, will come as Christians abandon their current outmoded doctrines en masse and enthusiastically adopt those of the New Age!

The Orthodox Jewish faith is also a target, with its belief in God Almighty and the primacy of the Old Testament.

The New Age truly believes that its current campaign of subversion and undermining of Christian doctrine will result in their total victory.

And for a large part it has.

How many would declare Ecumenical unity or Charismatic faith healings as New Age?

Most people keep waiting for the wolves to show their ugly heads for what they are so they will be easily spotted as they sit in these same wolves congregations week after week!

They can't recognize them for what they are!

Most in the New Age do not announce they are part of the New Age.

Many pastors and church leaders once loyal to the Most High have switched allegiances to Lucifer and have introduced new doctrines, teachings and practices into the churches over the past 10 years claiming them as Scriptural.

Even yet many are Jesuits, Knights of Malta, or Masons working side by side with the New World Order agenda and an even bigger percentage of them were sent in directly by the New World Order to begin with to infiltrate, corrupt, and lead the churches astray.


How many understand that Billy Graham, Bob Jones, Kenneth Copeland, Pat Robertson, Benny Hinn and the rest of the popular TV rat pack are 32nd degree masons or Jesuits working directly for the Black Pope himself through the Roman Catholic Church to lead Yahweh's people away from Him?

Matt: 24: 23,26

Not to Him, but away from Him.

We are heading into a perilous time of apostasy, hatred, deceit, and persecution.

Are you ready?

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