Thursday, 29 January 2009


Cary G Dean.


Please look into how blatantly obvious the companies manufacturing the microchips that will be used to install the Mark of the Beast.

As you All maybe aware, That the name of the company in America that's behind the chip for humans has changed their name from Verichip to Xmark http://www.xmark. com/ and they also have a subsidiary named Digital Angel which handles the microchips for animals
http://www.digitala default.aspx

I just went to the Digital Angel website and clicked on their "Contact Us" page and for the contact name it says "Destron Fearing"

Well, something bugged me about the name Destron, like it reminded me of Destroy so on a whim, I just did a search for

"What does Destron Mean"

And I found this on Wikipedia
http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Destron_(Kamen_Rider) :

"Destron was an international organization bent on conquering the world, through terror and destruction"

It was a character from some tv show and says that "in the final episode, he is revealed as a living skeleton with a living heart, and called himself

"The God of Death"

And the last name is "Fearing"!

They also have a website
www.destronfearing. com

They are playing with us, throwing it right in our faces!

There's more to this Destron Fearing at Digital Angel.

For the UK contact, the page
www.mcmurdo. is listed.

When you google mcmurdo up, apparently it's named after multiple areas in Antarctica.
http://encyclopedia .thefreedictiona

McMurdo Station, a station at the southern tip of Ross Island in Antarctica.

McMurdo Sound, a sound about 55 km (35 mi) long and wide, lying at the junction of the Ross Sea.

McMurdo Ice Shelf, a portion of the Ross Ice Shelf.

McMurdo Dry Valleys, a row of valleys in Antarctica located within Victoria Land.

McMurdo-South Pole highway, a highway in Antarctica.

All the above are named after Lieutenant Archibald McMurdo of HMS Terror, which first charted the area in 1841.

HMS Terror was a bomb vessel designed by Sir Henry Peake and constructed by the Royal Navy in the Davy shipyard in Topsham, Devon.

The Terror saw war service in the War of 1812 against the United States.

http://encyclopedia .thefreedictiona Terror+(1813)

All of this is NOT a coincidence.

Out of all of the names in the world that could have been chosen for these companies, notwithstanding the many Christians that might possibly make a connection with a microchip and the Mark of the Beast, you would have thought that they would try to not be associated with anything controversial at the very least.
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Anonymous said...

Bottom line, you get that chip and it's literally given to you by the God of Death!