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Mobile Phones:Talk! Talk! Yourself to Death Pt 1

Cary G Dean.

( ) My comment's.

By William Thomas

The evidence is in and it's overwhelming.

Even at typical low power, cell phones and wireless technology cause severe biological disturbances in human cells. In August 2007, 26 medical and public health experts posted their Bioinitiative Report - available online - reviewing all the literature on the effects of electromagnetic radiation

Cell phone researchers not in the pay of mobile phone corporations agree.

Current guidelines based only on the heating effects of cell phones do not address non-heating damage to DNA, nor the effects of frequency modulation used to broadcast information and are completely inadequate to safeguard public health.

Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) should not be used as a basis for a safety standard since it regulates against thermal effects only.

So far cell phone "safety codes" only regulate radiation capable of burning skin. It's like saying cigarettes aren't dangerous unless they burn you.

Cellphone manufactures insist that "many studies" show their miniature microwave ovens are safe.

But when pressed by the Washington Post to back up their claim, the cellphone industry could cite no studies showing no adverse impact from cellular telephones on human tissues, nervous systems or organs.(surprise! Surprise!)

Dr. George Carlo confirms: "The industry had come out and said that there were thousands of studies that proved that wireless phones are safe, and the fact was that there were no studies that were directly relevant."(HUH!!)

There are more than 15,000 scientific studies reporting the cell phone health hazards. At least 66 epidemiological studies show that electromagnetic radiation increases brain tumors in human populations. ("Cell Phone Convenience or 21st Century Plague?" by Dr. Nick Begich and James Roderick

(All mobile phone user's with their Phones clamped against their head's Blah! Blah! Blah! Blah! sorry we can't hear you!!!).


After only two minutes of cellphone exposure, the blood-brain barrier fails, allowing proteins to enter the brain that can cause nerve damage. "Molecules such as proteins and toxins can pass out of the blood, while the phone is switched on, and enter the brain.

(Quick everybody get on your mobiles and tell everyone you know, but make sure it's not more than, you'v guessed it 2 minute's).

We need to bear in mind diseases such as MS and Alzheimer's are linked to proteins being found in the brain." So, adds Leif Salford of Lund University in Sweden, is Parkinson's disease. (Electronics Australia Magazine Feb/00)


Cell phone and cell phone tower radiation stress our cells, releasing DNA-damaging free radicals and stress proteins that can migrate through the opened blood-brain barrier and cause degenerative damage in the brain.

Dr. Theodore Litovitz, a biophysicist and professor emeritus of physics at Catholic University, explains: "Because stress proteins are involved in the progression of a number of diseases, heavy daily cell-phone usage could lead to great incidence of disorders such as Alzheimer's and cancer." (Reuters Apr 23/08; Dec03/01)

Children through teenage years, and pregnant women should be kept away from cell phones and cell phone radiation.

(But guess what folk's it's too Late?)

Alarmed British military scientists have discovered that every cell phone transmission disrupts brain functioning responsible for memory and learning. "Overuse" can cause forgetfulness and sudden confusion, as well as loss of the ability to concentrate, calculate and coordinate.

(DUH! Wot did eee just say!!)

Children and teens who become hooked on cell phones face a lifetime of learning disabilities, hyperactivity, high risk from driving accidents, greatly increased acute and chronic asthma, hearing loss, vision loss, sleep disorders and cancers - as well as loss of social skills, inability to think and reason clearly, loss of contact with their surroundings. (India Tribune Sept 17/04).

(DUH!! I dunno!!).

More than 2 billion people - including at least 500 million children - are using cell phones.

(I think I'll become an undertaker I'll make a Fortune.)

At least 87% of 11- to 16-year-olds own cell phones. In the USA, one in three teenagers uses a cell phone.

(I'll Definately become an undertaker, I'll make more than a Fortune).

RF/MW signals currently under discussion for inflicting on wireless classrooms throughout North America and the overdeveloped world will operate in the 2.4 GHz frequency range - two to three times higher than current cell phones.

Plans are already underway to boost classroom radiation levels with "upgraded" technology emitting 5 GHz. (Uncensored (NZ) Nov 9/06;

These kids may be difficult to replace, because researchers at University of Szeged in Hungary have discovered that men carrying their cell phones on standby anywhere in their clothing throughout the day produce about a third less sperm than those who do not.

Of the remaining sperm, high numbers were found to be swimming erratically - significantly reducing chances of fertilization. (BBC June 27/04).

But men made infertile by their cell phones together with fashionable beach going women who carry their cellphones in their bikini bottoms and, We could be looking at an inadvertent cell phone cull.

(Could be? it's already Happening)

Especially if women are culled by bra-makers encouraging them to carry cell phones in their convenient, already cancer-prone cleavage.

(And just to get the record straight, and why I'm making fun of this serious topic, I'v never owned or used a mobile phone and never intend too, but as I'v said before IT'S TOO LATE TO STOP IT).

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