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M.R.S.A. The Awful Truth

Cary G Dean.

Ok Folk's now this is a subject that should be talked about,
below you will see an email that was sent to my good friend
Jim Kirwan and my response to him, read it and learn the
Awful truth that you'r not being told.

By Cary G Dean.

From:: "Jim Kirwan" > To: "Judith Moriarty" > Subject: Re: Suggestions:
staph - Infectious Diseases -> Date:
Wed, 17 Oct 2007 11:28:28 -0700
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Sent: Wednesday, October 17, 2007 9:09 AM
Subject: Suggestions: staph - Infectious Diseases -

By the way the news reported that the CDC isn't reporting the true numbers and that approx 18,000 died of this last year. When grocery shopping, wear gloves or bring those sanitized wipes clean off cart handle.

Take care of the smallest cut immediately with anti bacterial soap hydrogen peroxide and cider vinegar. It only takes the most minute opening. God knows what germs they're spraying around, the earth is a cesspool.

JM Apple cider vinegar - This kills infection. People should drink an eight ounce glass (2x per day) 4tbl of apple cider vinegar 2 tbl of honey. If one suspects e-coli (food poisoning) immediately gulp down a couple mouthfuls will stop cramping etc immediately.

Have on hand you're not going to be out buying this in the middle of the night. Take plenty of Vit C - also plenty of garlic ( cloves or pill form)! I went to the local hospital with a damn sprained ankle in July I ended up with a STAPH infection.

I thought FLESH! eating, the damn thing looked so awful scared the shit out of me. Dr. prescribed antibiotics they did NOTHING!! . After a week, I thought well I've got to get this thing under control.

I soaked sterile gauze in hydrogen peroxide and put on for 15 min at a time and changed every 15 min for an hour.

Then I made a poultice of honey/1tbl spoon of cider vinegar and wrapped my leg (overnight). I did this for two days and the thing cleared right up. Honey & apple cider doesn't need refrigerated. Buy it today don't put it off.

Also with 85% of fruits and veg coming in from overseas - watered with sewage waste and God knows what you have to be careful of all things. Kids are specially vulnerable. NO the FDA does NOT check imports!!

Keep a large pot on your sink board, fill with cold water and one quarter cup of hydrogen peroxide rinse veg/fruit (allow to stay in 20 min) to kill any bacteria. For extra safety you can then do the same thing, after the peroxide with a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar, THIS DOES NOT ALTER TASTE e-coli can KILL YOU. Better safe than sorry in this global toxic mess!


Jim's Response

I too saw this story and immediately wondered why people like me who have recently worked in filth for up to 16 hours straight don't get infected. Pigeon shit removal inside corporate parking garages, power washing excrement, dried on gum and stains of all types including large amounts of urine painting all kinds of surfaces with all the commercial forms of so many substances that are not healthy yet these 'jobs' have not apparently presented any real threat to my health (I smoke & drink & my diet is that of a junk-yard dog), plus I'm as old as dirt so why not?

As a kid I developed a very healthy immune system, and as an adult I watch what I touch, and I take simple precautions. People today are products of the PARANOID generation, worshippers for the most part of Lysol and the extermination of all bacteria (including all the good stuff).

I was diagnosed as a child as being alergic to virtually everything from dirt, weeds, trees, grass, chocolate and almost everything else: supposedly I had asthma, hay fever and all the rest of the respiratory diseases, that commonly occur in children.

What my parents did being practical was to send me out to play in creeks and the scrub vegitation that surrounded our neighborhood.

No special attention was paid to what I ate or drank, or to what I got involved in from mud to fist fights and within a few years all the symptoms evaporated and what remains is someone that is still healthy (no doctors for roughly the last 30 years).

Common sense and stamina have a lot to do with staying well: a personal motto of "Don't Get Sick" helps, but the primary difference between those who remain healthy and those who get everything that comes down the road is the abscence of the latest medicines, pills, fad diets, all the shit that treats people like a bunch of used cars that should be treated as though they are always in need of additives the human immune system is fantastic when you let it do its job.

But to do that you have to have a real life that requires far more of your time and energy than simply trying to figure out how you can get cancer, heart disease, or any other form of the family of deadly diseases:

If you try hard enough you can get sick from almost anything, whereas if you work at using your life for something larger than yourself that stuff rarely makes an appearence!

Of course being constantly impoverished actually helps a lot humans were not made to eat at specifice times or to sleep for given periods that's all bullshit. Missing meals can actually improve your health, and when you lose sleep over things that matter that too can help with both mental accuity and energy levels but since most people don't live like I do this would come as huge news to them.

Nobody gets out of this place alive and since Americans have chosen to ignore this critical fact too many of them seem to think that they can engenieer their own survival forever!.

That is nuts! Each of us has a given amount of time (most of us don't know how much time or when their ticket will be punched) but instead of using the time we do have too many spend whatever there is worrying that there isn't more of it: Many times the result of that contradiction is "cancer" the literal consumption of the body by the body, which if you think about it is NOT surprising.

The paranoia and the fear being generated nationally is contributing far more than a little to the lack of wellness in this society than all other causes combined! My body is used to keep me alive and to that end it does it's job: the larger question for most of us ought to be "Am I really doing anything with the time thus theoretically gained?"


My response to Jim

Hi Jim

Ok Jim now the penny drop's why we get on mate, the story you'v just written about your life mirror,s my own, our mum used to let us go wild in the back garden in all the dirt too, their was a kid next door who was all spick and span never allowed to play with us dirty kid's, and that poor sod came down with every thing that was going, he was alway's ill, taking pill's and potions from the doctor.

When we moved next to the river Thames in Berkshire, I was about ten, every Saturday morning me and my mate's used to go down to the watering spot where the local cows Drank from the river, and have mud and cow shit fight's, we were coverd in the stuff, but not once do I remember coming down with anything, we all just jumped in the river to wash it all off and then lay in the sun to dry.

Now as for these staph infection's how anyone can allow themself's to be given antibiotic's for this just beat's the hell out of me, ok stay with me for a minute, this is the proper name for it, Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus, so called Flesh eating bug, now what the hell do people think those first two word's mean, what they mean is "ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANT"!!! and I'm sorry to shout but if people could just understand this they would'nt do it, and they would'nt keep being murdered by the medical establishment.

Ok! that's got that one out of the way.

Ok now let's talk about the real cure for it which can be found coming out of the sewer pipe in infected hospital's, yes you read that right sewerage, it's called Bacteriophage's, in Russia they have eliminated this by extracting the Phage's from the sewer outlet of infected hospital's, they spray it all over the ward's and operating room's, even when they are doing operation's, to the point of spraying it on the open wound's while the surgeon is at work, they have simply kicked it into touch, in fact being too clean can make this thing worse.

People should go and see this Horizon BBC Documentary.

Ok next, Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide is a fantastic substance to use, I buy it in big drum's of 35% food grade and then turn it into 3% 6% for daily use, I'v been working with this stuff for year's, I even soak in it.

Anti bacterial soap's and Wipes, NO!!!

Stick with H.P., wearing glove's when outside in the world and shopping, good idea, I don't walk out of my door without them no matter what People say to me.

The quickest way to infection is from the hand's.

What I'm going to say now might be a bit too OTT, but I wear cotton glove's when I handle my mail, just imagine how many people have handled them, also money is another one, this might be a bit too Howard Hughes for most.

There is a woman on You tube who has cured herself of Morgellons with a wonderfull thing called SuperSilver.
Also this man cured himself of MRSA with the same stuff.
Loads of great Silver info on this Blog

I take a dose of colloidal silver every day, double dose in the winter, It's the best natural antibiotic on the planet, without the nasty side effect's, and never, NEVER!!! take a Flu Jab, it's the worst thing for the immune system a person can do, My own informed opinion on Vaccination's is simply DEATH BY SLOW POISON, but that's for another Blog.

Well Jim you really set me off this time, this is a subject close to my heart, I'v been researching Alternative Therapies since the 70's, and yes I'v managed to stay away from doctor's for the last 30 year's too, and for the next 30.

As for smoking and eating so called junk food, you can kill youself worring obout it more than doing it, well done that man.

Phew!! I'm just about done, but remember you can all ask me about anything alternative health wise, if I don't know it I'll research it and get back.

I hope you'v all enjoyed my little rant today.

An Ounce Of Prevention, is worth a Ton Of Cure

More Info link's. The first is an update, the Slaughter still goes on.

If anyone has to go into hospital for what ever reason, buy a big bottle of super silver and take one dose three times a day two weeks prior to going in.

Then take the same dose if you can get away with it for your stay,
I will almost guarantee you wont catch M.R.S.A.
And then one dose a day from thereon.

Hospitals are waking up to silver.

Just ask them what they are doing about it,if they say they are just deep cleaning or using antibacterial wipes.

Then take your own silver, never be bullied by hospital staff, stand up for yourself's, you have right's.


Here's to your Health Wealth and Happiness.

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