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Alternative Cancer Treatments Pt 5

Cary G Dean.

By R. Webster Kehr

Let Us Count The Ways

The concept that people will die more quickly if they have surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments may surprise some people.

How is it possible that people who go through treatments can die quicker than people who refuse treatments?

In fact, there are many ways that orthodox cancer treatments can kill a cancer patient long before they would have died without treatment of any kind.

For example:

* Malnutrition:1

About 40% of cancer patients die of malnutrition before they would have died of their cancer.

Two of the causes of this malnutrition, which are related to chemotherapy, will now be discussed:

First, chemotherapy makes a person very nauseous and causes them to throw-up.

This causes many people to "... develop anorexia - the loss of appetite or desire to eat".

"This situation is not good at all because it can lead to a condition known as cancer "cachexia" - a wasting syndrome characterized by weakness and a noticeable continuous loss of weight, fat, and muscle."

Cachexia is a common cause of death of cancer patients.

* Malnutrition:2

Second, chemotherapy destroys the lining of the digestive tract of many cancer patients, making it impossible for the body to absorb the nutrients of the foods they eat, leading to malnutrition.

As one person put it, even if a cancer patient eats like a king, they can literally die of malnutrition.

* Destroys the Immunity System:1

Because chemotherapy and radiation destroy a person's immunity system, many cancer patients die of opportunistic infections, such as sepsis or pneumonia.

As a side note, more than 200,000 Americans a year die of sepsis.

When a cancer patient dies of sepsis it is most likely because chemotherapy destroyed the patient's immunity system, allowing sepsis to easily kill the patient.

It may be counted as a sepsis death, not a cancer death.

This is just one of many ways that the medical community can hide the true statistics of chemotherapy and radiation Death's.

* Destroys the Immunity System:2

Because chemotherapy and radiation kill white blood cells (white blood cells are the body's natural defense against cancer), chemotherapy and radiation destroy not only a body's natural defense against the cancer they currently have, it also destroys the body's defense against new cancers.

* Destroys the Immunity System:3

Because chemotherapy and radiation kill red blood cells (red blood cells carry oxygen to the cancer cells and oxygen helps keep cancer from spreading), cancer cells do not get a normal supply of oxygen.

Since cancer cells are anaerobic, this allows them to thrive and divide faster.

"So, if a Cancer patient is already Acidic & if Acid drives out the oxygen causing an anaerobic atmosphere that Cancer loves, how much sense does it make to take Chemotherapy that will kill more of your oxygen carrying Red Blood Cells?

By a matter of deduction and the use of common sense once again, wouldn't that create an even more anaerobic atmosphere and provide an even more desirable situation for Cancer to wreak havoc?"

* Kill a Vital Organ:

Chemotherapy and radiation frequently kill a vital organ of a patient, such as the liver or heart.

Once this happens, without a transplant, nothing, not even alternative cancer treatments, can save the patient.

* Helps Spread the Cancer:

Surgical biopsies can release cancer cells into the blood stream, causing the possibility that the biopsy will cause the cancer to spread, meaning metastasize.

Some cancer surgeries can also cause cancer cells to get into the blood stream, especially if the surgery does not "get" all of the cancer cells.

* Chemotherapy is Carcinogenic:
(Cancer Causing)

Chemotherapy and radiation can dramatically increase the probability that a person will get certain types of cancer.

For example, many women treated by chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer later develop uterine cancer.

Chemotherapy drugs are not only toxic, they are carcinogenic.

* Lose the Will To Live:

Many cancer patients are so devastated by the sickness and nausea orthodox treatments give them, that they lose the will to live, meaning they lose the will to keep fighting their cancer.

Now are you surprised that the three major studies mentioned above all yielded the same conclusion:

There is no scientific evidence that orthodox treatments extend the "total life" of most cancer patients?

It should be noted here that alternative treatments for cancer have none of the above problems.

Alternative cancer treatments generally include dietary items that build a person's immunity system, cause no pain, provide large amounts of natural nutrients, do not spread the cancer, selectively target and kill cancer cells, cause no damage to normal cells, and so on.

So how can we judge whether orthodox cancer treatments should be used at all?

Everyone knows that surgery, chemotherapy and radiation cause a patient to become very sick and they do massive damage to the immunity system, they can damage vital organs, etc.

How, then, can we justify the use of these three treatments?

I would suggest that we "judge" orthodox medicine based on three important criteria:

First, the increase in "total life" of the patient by use of the treatment,

Second, the damage done to a patient's immune system, which causes a severe weakness in the person's ability to fight their current cancer, plus their ability to fight future cancers,

And Third, the loss of "quality of life" of the patient.

Orthodox medicine fails in all three of these categories!!

First, there is no scientific evidence that in the vast majority of cancers, orthodox treatments extend the "total life" of patients.

Second, the damage done to a patient's immunity system is very severe, plus it even kills many red blood cells and can damage vital organs.

Third, orthodox treatments not only cause severe trauma to the patient, but they also cause severe damage and stress to their body.

Suppose I made the statement:

"In order to justify the damage done by orthodox medicine, to both the body and quality of life of a cancer patient, orthodox medicine must increase the "total life" of the patient by 30%."

Now some people might not like the 30% number, they may pick 20% or another person might pick 100%.

But whatever number you personally pick, note that there is no scientific evidence that in 97% of the cases, orthodox treatments extend the "total life" of patients one minute.

In fact, in most cases orthodox medicine shortens the life of cancer patients!


The 97% number came from cancer expert Ralph Moss, who could only identify a few very rare types of cancer for which he thought orthodox treatments actually extended the "total life" of cancer patients.

Thus, how can we "justify" the use of orthodox treatments?

We cannot in 97% of the cases.

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