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In many parts of the world, people suffer and die from a lack of drinking water. Fortunately, in the United States this is not the case.

But, ironically, in the Western World thousands die from the chemicals added to the drinking water.

One of the most insidious, dangerous and harmful chemicals is chlorine, the same chlorine added to most drinking water supplies.

by Martin Fox, Ph.D.

To prevent cancer and heart disease you need to be aware that water treatment chemicals used in the water of your home and pool are toxic and directly affect the nature and chemistry of your body.

The human body's immune system has a very hard time overcoming toxic chemicals that exist in most of the World's city and well water.

Present methods of water treatment in general are totally inadequate and often cause more problems than they prevent.

There is no mystery about the cause of Cancer

Something is wrong when people are told their tap water with chlorine is safe and yet 122 World Governments want to outlaw all use of chlorine .

Leading government officials around the world have recognized the threat posed by chlorine and are striving to bring a total ban on chlorines use.

Believe it !

Chlorine as the single most dangerous chemical in the world.

The 22 most deadly chemicals in our environment, are all


Before 1900 the word Cancer was hardly known.

When water began to be chlorinated at the turn of the century, the growth of cancer followed the increased use of chlorine.

(It's the same with Stroke's and Heart Disease)

It's a global problem and the majority of the worlds population are being exposed to the hazards of chlorinated water.

There are other choices.

Your Homes water might meet Government Standards,

but your family’s health is still very much at risk!

Municipal tap water maybe considered safe by the regulated standards set forth by the Safe Drinking Water Act but, the government officials that set the standards and write the books on water disinfection and chlorination are well aware of the deadly hazards of chlorination.

When chlorine is added to water it chemically reacts with organic material to create a multitude of other toxic chemicals.

We have the book, Water Chlorination and Disinfection and it lists thousands of toxic chemicals that can be in your tap water and are never tested for.

Don't expect your Government or your Doctor to help, they don't have a clue.

The medical industry is not going to kill the golden geese

(Cancer and Heart Disease)

And our Government's prefer to support big business in preference to the Public at large.

(You And me)

The National Cancer Institute only allocates 5% of their budget to research and cancer prevention, maybe because they already know the cause of cancer and don't want a cure ?

Cancer, Heart Disease and Immune Disorders

are a Trillion Medical Nightmare

and we are paying the bill with Our health.

Breast Cancer

The leading cause of death among middle-aged women is not natural !

In North America, a woman dies of breast cancer every 12 minutes!

The incidence of breast cancer is steadily rising and the numbers are appalling.

Between 1973-1998 the incidence of breast cancer rose by over 40%.

Your risk of surviving malignant breast cancer is just about the same as it was 50 years ago, when the only treatment was mastectomy;

About one in three.

In other words, despite billions in research and hugely expensive and risky treatments, the conventional medical approach to breast cancer isn't working, and talk of prevention is virtually nonexistent.

Women in the prime of life are the most at risk.

Birth and conception is an amazing and marvelous thing.

It's easy to see the glow and change in a women that is pregnant.

That glow is because her hormones are at high levels and are changing her body.

Those hormones are created from cholesterol by the liver.

Chlorine and other related toxic chemicals absorbed through the skin enter the blood and end up in the liver where they cause disruption of hormone production.

This can be very deadly for women, estrogen can turn on the body and trigger mutanagenic cell growth which leads to cancer.

White women have the highest mortality rate for breast cancer on the planet - 89.2 per 100,000 women.

Only about 10% of breast cancer in Western industrialized countries can be attributed to genetic mutations that are passed down through generations.

Geography is also a risk factor for breast cancer.

If you live in an area polluted with industrial waste and are exposed to high levels of Chlorine in the water your risk factor multiplies significantly.

Geographically as Cancer incidence is plotted from north to south, cancer increases downward.

Louisiana has the highest Cancer rates and the greatest amount of contaminated water.

New York Times Reports:

Birth defects linked to Tap Water


California health officials are unable to explain four studies involving 5,000 women that found the rate of miscarriages in women who drank no tap water during pregnancy ranged from zero to 0.7 percent.

The rates for women who drank some tap water ranged from 8.4 percent to 13.1 percent.

The rate of birth defects in the children of tap water drinkers was 2.6 percent to 6.2 percent, while the rate for those who drank no tap water was zero to .6 percent.

The expected rate was 2 percent to 3 percent.

About the Author:
Martin Fox, Ph.D.

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