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Cary G Dean.

What Hitler did not want.

Otto Skorzeny asked Hitler whether or not Germany would develop an A-Bomb.

This is what Hitler said to colonel Skorzeny.

"When Dr. Todt visited me I read that the energy set free by such a bomb could destroy an area as large as the state of Arizona or make as big a crater as the meteor had caused in Siberia.

That means that all life within such an area would be destroyed, not only humans but all life, but animals and plants would not be able to live within a radius of 40 km for hundreds of years due to radiation.

That would mean an Apocalypse.

No land, no group of civilized people could bear the responsibility for such a slaughter.

In battle after battle human beings would destroy themselves if such a bomb were used."

That was Hitler, God protect his name and reputation.

Let us look upon what the leaders of USIsrael/UK/UN/NATO do to-day?

Ever since the end of the cold war a new a sole power, USIsrael, has been occupying the world we have experienced an increase in evil power or rather a misuse of power.

This power have used what ever means it possesses.

It has to force its will onto all countries of the world.

No country or people can - without fearing the USIsrael - express what it means or rule according to it's own views without fearing the interference of Jewry and what they might do if they do not like what the leader of any country (will)do.

With the Jews in power in USA and consequently also in UN and NATO they are the real power in to-days world.

This is also the reason why Israel does not follow up the various UN-resolutions, among many Resolution 242, which have condemned Israel over the past 40 years - Israel has not done anything to meet the demands in these resolutions.

The whole world have agreed to limit its arsenal of nuclear bombs - that is every country except Israel, which has the world's third largest arsenal of such bombs.

Further it is well- known that Israel will use this arsenal to keep its illegal power over Palestine.

In order to increase its power over countries in the Middle-East region Israel and World Jewry made US and UK declare war on Iraq some 10 years ago.

World Jewry used UN to do their dirty-work for them. Claiming Iraq had weapons of mass-destruction.


Ever since the Desert War against Iraq children in Iraq have died from cancer and leukemia.

Even US- and UK-soldiers who participated in the war as infantry and as soldiers in the tanks have experienced strange illnesses.

During the bombing of Iraq in 1991, UN and UK used bombs made from Depleted Uranium.

The total number of bombs dropped over Iraq since 1991 is unknown to the public - what the public know, at least partly, is that Iraqi children die from leukemia every day.

Iraq was the first country to experience the new Jewish weapon - a weapon USIsrael will use on every nation not willing to bend to its lust.

Since Dessert War hundreds of Aryan soldiers have become ill with leukemia - from the dust or air they breathed while they were in the zone where aeroplanes had dropped their deadly loads.

USIsrael have claimed the illnesses American soldiers got after The dessert War were caused by Iraqi biochemical weapons.

But the truth is that these illnesses came from the Depleted Uranium which was in the bombs dropped over Iraq by USIsrael.


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