Saturday, 30 August 2008


Cary G Dean.

By Brasscheck Tv

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Right now, they're packing up their belongings preparing to leave their homes for no one knows how long.

Their minds are filled with questions like where they're going to sleep, what they'll eat, what's going to happen to their kid's schools...

One thing the citizens of New Orleans can count on is that while they're completely preoccupied and unable to defend themselves, the media slander machine led by Fox News will be kicking them when they're down - just like they did three years ago.

"They're freeloaders. They're corrupt. They shouldn't live there etc."

Anything to cover the basic fact that the US has abandoned its citizens, its infrastructure, and even its future in a mad power grab overseas that is sucking up hundreds of billions of dollars while basic services at home go begging.

Make no mistake...New Orleans is ground zero for the US.

Your city is next.

If we don't draw a line in the sand here and now and insist that the government take responsibility for its failed levees and other infrastructure, you might as well start practicing your goose step.

Because that's the next logical stop for the trajectory we're on.

How much more contempt does the government have to show for its citizens to make it any clearer?

Being informed helps. Informing others helps too.

Because of the efforts of a lot of people, we are now the #11 highest rated "News and Politics" video on YouTube today...even with all the convention baloney.

We need your help to move

"The Katrina Myth"

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