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Cary G Dean.

Art Greenfield

It is estimated that the aliens have abducted over five million people in the US over the last 50 years.

During these abductions the aliens breed fetuses in us that they return and harvest after six weeks.

That is only part of their logistical program here.

They are causing major problems here that periodically devastate mankind.

I am closely involved in solving this problem.

I wasn't taken but they abducted my wife right out of our bed.

I wrote about it in my book.

I wrote the book so that people would understand the big picture of what is going on with our alien owners so that they would not react in fear and anger causing societal disruptions when the entire truth is revealed.

As for DNA, the DNA of our alien Repto Sapien cousins is 98% similar to ours, allowing them to breed hybrids with us as told in the Bible and by several abductee witnesses I know personally.

The major wars throughout history were caused by our Repto Sapien overlords to create a lot of dead bodies for them to harvest.

It's the food chain.

Life feeds on life.

Earth is their ancestral home world and they are still a part of the food chain here.

If our DNA was vastly different from theirs, we would not contain the nutritious building blocks of life they need to eat.

We return the favor by eating the meat of their alligator cousins here in Florida.

Genetically the alligator is one of our closest relatives.

Our murdering each other in war for no good reason is evil.

The Repto Sapiens causing it to happen, technically, is not evil because they are doing it for food gathering purposes, just like we slaughter our own cattle.

It is the equivalent of us getting cows to slaughter each other so that all we have to do is go pick up the meat that we will be using for food.

The food chain is not evil.

The way the Reps do it to us is kind of unfair to us.

We are capable of raising
sufficient cattle to meet the Reps periodic food needs every 50 years when their migration fleet stops by.

That is what I am working for.

WE could raise food for them, and trade it to them in exchange for trade goods, technology, knowledge, etc, that we can use.

However, they are hardheaded and set in their ways so we will need to negotiate from a position of military strength on a parity with them.

They are not stupid and understand the true purpose of war.

There is an interesting premise written by Charles Fort in 1931.

Fort was one of the first Ufologists and a paranormal investigator extraordinaire and wrote extensively on the subject in the 1920s and 30s:

I think we are property.

I should say we belong to something that once upon a time this Earth was no-man's land, that other worlds explored and colonized here and fought among themselves for possession, but now it's owned by something, that something owns this Earth--all others warned off.

Charles Hoy Fort in 1931

Another troubling statement of Charles Fort:

I believe we are fished for.

It may be we're highly esteemed by super-epicures somewhere.

Epicure-a person who has cultivated tastes, as in food or wine; a connoisseur.

The Reptoids living amongst the Maya had a taste for fresh human hearts.

We need to take action to insure they will no longer come here for a hearty meal.

Now you know why the USG won't talk.

I wrote my book to expose what the alien abduction program and the human harvesting program is all about, and to show what needs to be done to change things to bring about a mutually beneficial solution to the problem.

And for the religious people out there who are thinking God would not let this happen to us, please keep in mind that HE set up the food chain billions of years ago and allows life to feed on life so that life itself can survive.

God plays no favorites in HIS food chain.

He loves ALL of the life he created equally.

He loves the Christians that the Romans fed to the lions just as much as the lions.

Don't you think that is how a fair God would act?

Milk and honey are the only foods available to us to eat where something doesn't have to die first.

It's that logistics thingy again that comes into play when you are dealing with migrating carnivorous Repto Sapiens.

"Whatever we were fighting over became minimally important in the face of a threat from creatures who were so superior to us in technology that we were their farm animals to be harvested as they pleased."

Col. Philip J. Corso - "The Day After Roswell"

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