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Sudden Cardiac Death

Cary G Dean.

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One Mineral Will Save You From Cardiac Death

Did you know that many of the 325,000 cases of sudden cardiac death (SCD) each year in the United States could be prevented?

Even the tragic death of Tim Russert a few months ago could probably have been avoided.

Although Russert had some of the known risk factors—he was overweight, was borderline diabetic, and had a stressful job, he probably had additional factors that laid the foundation of his fatal heart attack.

One simple supplement—Magnesium—could have possibly given Russert a chance.

Magnesium levels are usually low in both heart patients and diabetics, and low magnesium levels are linked to sudden cardiac death (SCD).

Studies of high-risk SCD cases have shown that most have lower levels of antioxidant enzymes and antioxidant nutrients within their heart muscles.

This causes the heart muscle to become more irritable and makes resuscitation of these patients more difficult, if not impossible.

The heart contains its own internal electrical system with special little pacemakers (called SA and AV nodes), which contain a great number of glutamate receptors.

When overstimulated, they cause arrhythmias.

Low magnesium levels in the heart dramatically increase the risk of arrhythmias, because low levels make the receptors supersensitive.

After decades of research showing the importance of Magnesium in treating and preventing SCD as well as heart attacks, cardiologists are finally telling their patients to take Magnesium.

Yet, many physicians are still reluctant to use it in emergency situations and especially to recommend it as a preventative.

Most heart attack victims that die before reaching the hospital die from an arrhythmia, the same thing that causes SCD.

One of the main risk factors for SCD is an enlarged heart.

Many studies have shown that enlarged hearts are associated with low levels of crucial heart-energy nutrients.

Studies show that a mixture of vitamins, minerals, and metabolic stimulants can dramatically improve heart function.

Unfortunately, few doctors do this routinely,

Other factors—factors you can control—increase the risk of SCD, including the high consumption of excitotoxin food Like Aspartame, and MSG.

If so many critical predisposing factors to SCD were addressed — rather than ignored or completely dismissed by conventional medical doctors — many of the 325,000+ yearly victims of Sudden Cardiac Death may realistically be alive today.

About the Author:
Dr. Russell Blaylock
Newsmax Medical Editor

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Jim said...

I found a great book about Tim Russert's life that is half price at Walgreens. There is even a free chapter at Tim really liked his beer. I wonder how that affected his heart problem?