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The Bush Dynasty:Funding the Nazi's Pt 5

Cary G Dean.

Watch Unto Prayer

But the end of all things is at hand:
be ye therefore sober, and
watch unto prayer.
~ I Peter 4:7

Documentation of the relevant Vesting Orders is available online:

Vesting Order #248, Federal Register, November 7, 1942

Summary of Bush Family Nazi Connections from National Archives

"Showing up to three dozen seizures of business assets seized under the provisions of The Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917, beginning October 20, 1942.

This is a detailed summary of information confirmed in declassified U.S. government documents available in The National Archives.

These documents prove, for the first time since World War II, the extent and nature of Bush family support for Adolf Hitler and the Nazi war machine, from 1929-1942, when the U.S. Congress began seizing a number of business enterprises and/or assets controlled and/or managed by Prescott Bush and George Herbert Walker, the grandfather and maternal great-grandfather of President George W. Bush."

What interest would George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush have had in funding and overseeing the Hitler project?

Race Purification & The Eugenics Internationale

George Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush were active in the leadership of the eugenics societies that were popular among the wealthy classes in the first half of the twentieth century.

Prescott Bush was the Connecticut director of the Mental Hygiene Society which originated at Yale University in 1908.

The headquarters of the American Eugenics Society was also at Yale (also home of the Order of Skull & Bones) until its relocation to and merger in 1952 with the Population Council, which was founded by John D. Rockefeller and John Foster Dulles, lawyer for Brown Brothers Harriman.

The Mental Hygiene Society of which Prescott Bush was a director was a project of the Order of Skull and Bones.

The society "would evolve into the CIA's cultural engineering effort of the 1950s, the drugs and brainwashing adventure known as
'MK-Ultra.' anti-American project which poured drugs into the country and worked to fabricate the drug-sex youth culture."

"A behavior control research project was begun in the 1950s, coordinated by the British psychological warfare unit called the Tavistock Institute, with the Scottish Rite Masons, the Central Intelligence Agency, and other British, U.S., Canadian, and United Nations agencies.

Its notoriety for brainwashing by drugs, hypnosis, electroshock, and other tortures caused many books to be written about the project, and the U.S. Senate conducted hearings which exposed many of its abusive features.

President Gerald Ford appointed a commission headed by Vice President Nelson Rockefeller, to correct the CIA's misconduct.

There was a widespread anti-establishment view at the time, that here was the fox appointed to guard the hen house."

The Mental Hygiene movement was organized into the World Federation of Mental Health by none other than Montagu Norman, Governor of the Bank of England who, with Hjalmar Schacht, the financial engineer of the Nazi rearmament program and member of the British Round Table, and Benjamin Strong of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, conspired to precipitate the Great Depression.

(Just like Their Doing Again Now, Different faces same old plan)

Under Adolf Hitler, Hjalmar Schacht was appointed Minister of Economics. [See:
Eugenics: All in the Family]

"The Mental Hygiene movement was organized into the World Federation of Mental Health by Montagu Norman, former Brown Brothers partner and Bank of England Governor.

Norman had appointed as the federation's chairman, Brigadier John Rawlings Rees, director of the Tavistock Psychiatric Clinic, chief psychiatrist and psychological warfare expert for the British intelligence services.

"The world financial crisis led to the merger of the Walker-Harriman bank with Brown Brothers in 1931.

Former Brown partner Montagu Norman and his protégé Hjalmar Schacht paid frantic visits to New York that year and the next, preparing the new Hitler regime for Germany."

The interaction between the British, American and German Eugenics societies laid the foundation for implementation of the race purification ideology behind Hitler's Third Reich.

In 1912, the First International Congress of Eugenics was held at the University of London.

The president of the Congress was Major Leonard Darwin, son of Charles Darwin and one of the first English vice presidents was Sir Winston Churchill, later Prime Minister of England.

(Of interest, Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of the Species By Means of Natural Selection was subtitled
The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life.)?

In 1921, the Second International Congress of Eugenics was held in New York City.

The sponsoring committee included
Herbert Hoover, later President of the U.S., and the Carnegie Institute of Washington (Rockefeller).

Madison Grant, a director of the American Eugenics Society, was the treasurer.

The event was held at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, where Averell Harriman served on the Board of Directors.

In 1932, the Third International Congress on Eugenics elected as its president Dr. Ernst Rudin, a psychiatrist who directed the various branches of the Rockefeller-founded/funded Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany, and designated Rudin president of the worldwide Eugenics Federation.

In 1933, Rudin was commissioned by Hitler's Minister of the Interior to write a sterilization law for Germany.

Rudin's Law for the Prevention of Hereditary Diseases in Posterity was modeled on statutes already passed in Virginia and other states in the U.S.

When Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party came to power in Germany, Ernst Rudin praised Hitler, giving credit to him because

"The dream we have cherished for more than thirty years of seeing racial hygiene converted into action has become reality."

"The most important American political event in those preparations for Hitler was the infamous 'Third International Congress on Eugenics,' held at New York's American Museum of Natural History August 21-23, 1932, supervised by the International Federation of Eugenics Societies.

This meeting took up the stubborn persistence of African-Americans and other allegedly 'inferior' and 'socially inadequate' groups in reproducing, expanding their numbers, and amalgamating with others.

It was recommended that these 'dangers' to the 'better' ethnic groups and to the 'well-born,' could be dealt with by sterilization or 'cutting off the bad stock' of the 'unfit.'

"Italy's fascist government sent an official representative.

Averell Harriman's sister Mary, director of 'Entertainment' for the Congress, lived down in Virginia fox-hunting country.

Her state supplied the speaker on 'racial purity,' W.A. Plecker, Virginia commissioner of vital statistics.

Plecker reportedly held the delegates spellbound with his account of the struggle to stop race-mixing and inter-racial sex in Virginia.

"The Congress proceedings were dedicated to Averell Harriman's mother; she had paid for the founding of the race-science movement in America back in 1910, building the Eugenics Record Office as a branch of the Galton National Laboratory in London.

She and other Harrimans were usually escorted to the horse races by old George Herbert Walker--they shared with the Bushes and the
Farishes a fascination with 'breeding thoroughbreds' among horses and humans.

"Averell Harriman personally arranged with the Walker/Bush Hamburg-Amerika Line to transport Nazi ideologues from Germany to New York for this meeting.

The most famous among those transported was Dr. Ernst Rudin, psychiatrist at the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute for Genealogy and Demography in Berlin, where the Rockefeller family paid for Dr. Rudin to occupy an entire floor with his eugenics 'research.'

Dr. Rudin had addressed the International Federation's 1928 Munich meeting, speaking on 'Mental Aberration and Race Hygiene,' while others (Germans and Americans) spoke on race-mixing and sterilization of the unfit.

(Just like Their doing with the HPV vaccine now)

Rudin had also led the German delegation to the 1930 Mental Hygiene Congress in Washington, D.C.

"At the Harrimans' 1932 New York Eugenics Congress, Ernst Rudin was unanimously elected president of the International Federation of Eugenics Societies.

This was recognition of Rudin as founder of the German Society for Race Hygiene, with his co-founder, Eugenics Federation vice president Alfred Ploetz.

"As depression-maddened financiers schemed in Berlin and New York, Rudin was now official leader of the world eugenics movement.

Components of his movement included groups with overlapping leadership, dedicated to:

-Sterilization of mental patients ('mental hygiene societies');

-Execution of the insane, criminals and the terminally ill ('euthanasia societies'); and.

-Eugenical race-purification by prevention of births to parents from 'inferior' blood stocks ('birth control societies').

"Before the Auschwitz death camp became a household word, these British-American-European groups called openly for the elimination of the 'unfit' by means including force and violence.

"He who wants to persuade should put his trust not in the right argument, but in the right word.

The power of sound has always been greater than the power of sense."

—Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim, 1900

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