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By John Stadtmiller & John Moore
The National Intel Report

Wed Nov 19, 2008

John Stadtmiller:
[8 minutes, 29 seconds into the program]

I have with us John Moore.

John called me before the program today to give me some rather startling information.

Good afternoon John.

John Moore:
Good afternoon, John, good to be here.

What little tidbit of news do you have for us, sir?

John Moore:
Well here is the tidbit.

As we speak, letters are being prepared to be mailed to all retired Army officers, U.S. Army officers, calling them back to active duty.

That is happening this week.

Next week the warrant officers and sergeants get their letters...


John Moore:
Well, the last time this has happened, I have talked to some of my veteran friends, historians, and so forth.

Last time we know was December 1941.

This was called a general mobilization.

It has not happened since December 1941.

It did not happen in Korea , did not happen in Vietnam , has not happened since.

All right, and how did you come across this information?

The gentleman is a -- I got this from a friend of mine.

We have known each other for more than 10 years.

And he is in the military himself.

He was just in the office where the letters are being prepared today.

And what was the battle group that was rotated over from Iraq for the first time in this country's history, that we are going to prepare a battle group?

Well that group, and the one you are talking about is just a few hundred men.

It is a thousand or so.

It is a brigade.

I believe it is a 1,000 men.

[Editors note: Please see the Army Times article "Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1" about the 1st Brigade Combat Team, 3rd Infantry Division, Ft. Stewart , Georgia .

Yes. but there were plans to bring more people into this.

I read the report a couple of weeks ago.

But they are talking about 2008, 2009, and into the future as well.

But the important point of this John, is the posse comitatus -- the 1878 deal-- that you could not use Armed Forces for any role whatsoever inside the United States that they have just cast that aside.

If they were to do that, they would need to override it with an Executive Order.

A Declaration of Emergency, something of that nature.

Well, they are getting ready for something.

Absolutely. This is very serious stuff.

A general mobilization is about as serious as it gets, John.

Well, we have been hearing their rattlings.

I just read yesterday that Obama has -- President-elect Obama-- has said that, well, intelligence sources from the military that there may be an impending threat -- a very serious threat to the United States.

Well, obviously there is.

The men and women these letters are going out to are in every sector of society.

They are doctors, lawyers, accountants, police officers, firemen all over the United States.

It is a very serious disruption nationwide of people's lives and careers.

I would not take this lightly.

I would not do it haphazardly.

Well, one of the callers into the program, and this is an interesting take on this, that -- and John you know this, because you have been in close contact, you have been in the military.

You have been in close contact with a lot of military personnel.

You know them to be good, God-fearing, law-abiding men.

99% of them are, yes sir.

Well, one person who called in thinks that they may be taking in the officers and NCO's out of the communities to prevent any, let us just say, in case of any emergency, well let us just put it this way--

Compromise the leadership?

There you go.There is something in the wind, John.

Oh, absolutely.

This kind of order would not go out months and months before they needed it.

It would be no more than three months away.

And you can't hide.

Once these mobilization orders go out, you cannot hide the mobilization of tens of thousands of men and women from all over this country.

That cannot be hidden.

There will have to be a pretext to have this mobilization take place.

A public pretext very soon.

The report that I got was -- the Gabon power plant, and that is actually in Ohio itself, they are moving in trailers.

Now one of the electricians that is working at the site said that there is between 45 to 50 trailers that have been moved in with beds, bedding, and MRE's.

And other sites are being checked out.

Reports are coming in that in fact a lot of power facilities are having these trailers moved in.

Well that would be easy to verify all over the United States.

These power plants are all over the country.

Yes they are.

"We are not sure what it is, but we think it is big, and we think it is imminent."

Well clearly that is the case given the information that I have got, and what you are coming across here also, John.

Well John, I do not know exactly what it is.

I do not want necessarily to panic people and stampede them, but --

Well people still get up and go to work in the morning.

I am advising my friends who have children in their teens and twenties to get passports and get ready to leave the country.

Well John, where the hell are we going to go?

Some place with no extradition.

Well hold on there.

Because there is something that someone misses.

If you are on any sort of government watch list, and you know the computers at the airports have all been ramped up.

They all have their lists.

Even if you do get out of the country, what makes you think even with a passport we do have a little thing called Interpol, and what makes you think you would be able to stay in a country.

You would have to get visas before hand, obviously.

And John, my idea about this is I am not going anywhere.

I am not either.

I am talking about youngsters who are draft age.

They would just be cannon fodder.

Yes they would be.

By the way, you are kind of a shoot 'em up kind of guy.

Have you noticed the gun shows?

All my sources, well, KT Ordnance that was an advertiser on my show, he said, "John, three days after the election, I could have sold 2,000 AR-15's if I had them."

Well, just over the weekend, and one of our people got this from one of our dealers here in central Texas , there was the NIC system, that is the National Instant Criminal background check system, they were getting a million --throughout the country -- they were getting a million calls an hour.

They must have a very large capacity to be able to handle that number of incoming calls.

Well, if you think about it, if they are handling the entire United States with all the gun shows and all the firearms shops and everything else, they have got to have a large capacity.

Well, that is amazing.


And according to Bush, this time, "Hundreds of Thousands" of Americans will be killed.

Look, anyone who gets that letter, better prepare to form some sort of local resistance groups and start to protect themself's.

Pentagon To Station 20,000 Troops In US

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