Thursday, 20 November 2008


Cary G Dean.

By Ken Welch

Our Grandparents understood perfectly well that no one gets to make a serious run for the United States Senate unless they are fully bought and paid for.

Unfortunately, television has dulled their wits in that regard, and few people noted that with three Senators running for the Presidency "the fix" was obviously in.

Open and honest elections in America?

Pure myth.!!

With a total news blackout on the only American party in the race

(Although CSPAN covered their convention)

Voters were forced once again to choose between the two flavors of German socialism

(Politics originally designed to befuddle peasants)

And picked the man their television sets told them had to win.

We certainly understand that anyone could be so sick of Bush and his War Of Terror that they would automatically vote to throw the current batch of killers and thugs out of the White House.

It's mindboggling the number of people who seemed almost hypnotized by Barrack Obama and his promise of virtually unspecified change.

Obama gave some terrific speeches, but a speech written by some other person tells you absolutely nothing about the man who is delivering it.

Yet millions of Obama voters are carrying around their own image of who this man is.

Not since Papa Bush ran for the White House on a totally fictitious biography have we had such an enigma.

His campaign slogan about change, as far as I could tell, allowed each person to invent on his own what the actual changes might be.

(And believed it completely)

I feel great sympathy for those who view Obama as a savior.

The next few years will be bad enough on all of us without having to feel like a fool at the same time.

As in all previous changeovers that I can personally recall, nothing of real importance will change simply because there is a new man in the White House.

Yes, you will see some moves to convince the peasant's that things are different, but they will be strictly cosmetic; i.e., issues with emotional appeal that in practical terms make no difference to their actual plans for America.


Obama will take the reins of an Imperial Presidency created for him by his predecessor.

He will be unfettered by any constitutional restraints and endowed with virtually unlimited power.

For one thing, I'm not sure this guy is entirely sane.

(Are any of them).

The goal and the rhetoric are most likely from early childhood.

Yet Obama is too old to be driven by childhood conditioning and still be considered mentally balanced and stable.

One would expect him to be able to look at his own success and realize that most of those old grievances (from his early Islamic schooling?) are pure hogwash.

Apparently not.

I'm also concerned about his thought that Bush caused the economic crisis.

Bush is only a puppet, and Obama is in the same boat.

It is easy to see from the policies he's already announced that it is Wall Street and the great Money and Banking Cartel that is pulling Obama's strings.

Yet the hint that Obama doesn't understand what's going on is disturbing.

If we end up with too much conflict between Obama and his Masters then we could easily see a replay of the 1963 coup that replaced Kennedy with Johnson.

As I said above, it's a bit too early to get a true measure of what's going on with this man.

But it already feels like the shark has been let loose in the swimming pool.

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