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Cary G Dean.


The Right Leg of Hell

I had not been able to sleep or eat since I was in hell the night before.

Each day I relived hell.

When I closed my eyes, all I could see was hell.

My ears could not shut out the cries of the damned.

Just like a television program, I relived all the things I had witnessed in hell over and over.

Each night I was in hell, and each day I labored to find just the right words to bring this frightful thing to all the world.

Jesus appeared to me again and said,

"Tonight we are going into the right leg of hell, My child".

"Don't be frightened, for I love you and I am with you. "

The face of the Lord was sorrowful, and His eyes were filled with great tenderness and deep love.

Though those in hell were forever lost, I knew that He still loved them and would for all eternity.

"My child," He said, God, our Father, gave each one of us a will so that we could choose whether we would serve Him or Satan.

You see, God did not make hell for His people.

Satan deceives many into following him, but hell was made for Satan and his angels.

It is not My desire, nor that of My Father, that anyone should perish.

Tears of compassion ran down Jesus' cheeks.

He began to speak again, "Remember My words in the days ahead as I show you hell.

I have all power in heaven and earth.

Now, at times it will seem to you that I have left you, but I have not.

Also, at times we will be seen by the evil forces and lost souls, while at other times we will not be.

"No matter where we go, be at peace and fear not to follow Me."

We went on together.

I followed closely behind Him crying.

For days I had been crying, and I could not shake off the very presence of hell which was ever before me.

I cried mostly inside. My spirit was very sad.

We arrived at the right leg of hell.

Looking ahead, I saw that we were on a pathway which was dry and burned.

Screams filled the dirty air, and the stench of death was everywhere.

The odor was sometimes so repugnant that it made me sick to my stomach.

Everywhere was darkness except for the light which emanated from Christ and the flaming pits, which dotted the landscape as far as I could see.

All at once, demons of all kinds were going past us.

Imps growled at us as they went by.

Demon spirits of all sizes and shapes were talking to each other.

Out ahead of us, a big demon was giving orders to small ones.

We stopped to listen, and Jesus said,

"There is also an invisible army of evil forces that we do not see here-demons such as evil spirits of sickness."

"Go!" the larger demon said to the smaller imps and devils. "Do many evil things.

Break up homes and destroy families.

Seduce weak Christians, and mis-instruct and mislead as many as you can.

You shall have your reward when you return.

Remember, you must be careful of those who have genuinely accepted Jesus as their Savior.

They have the power to cast you out.

Go now across the earth.

I have lots of others up there already and still have others to send.

"Remember, we are servants of the prince of darkness and of the powers of the air."

At that, the evil forms began to flee up and out of hell.

Doors in the top of the right leg of hell opened and shut very fast to let them out.

Also, some went up and out the funnel we had come down.

I will try to describe the looks of these evil beings.

The one speaking was very large, about the size of a full-grown grizzly bear, brown in color, with a head like a bat and eyes that were set very far back into a hairy face.

Hairy arms fell to his sides, and fangs came out of the hair on his face.

Another one was small like a monkey with very long arms and with hair all over his body.

His face was tiny, and he had a pointed nose.

I could see no eyes on him anywhere.

Still another had a large head, large ears and a long tail, while yet one more was as large as a horse and had smooth skin.

The sight of these demons and evil spirits, and the terrible odor that came from them, made me sick to my stomach.

Everywhere I looked were demons and devils.

The biggest of these demons, I learned from the Lord, were getting their orders straight from Satan.

Jesus and I walked on down the pathway until we came to another pit.

Cries of pain, unforgettably sorrowful sounds, were everywhere.

My Lord, what is next? I thought.

We walked directly past some of the evil beings, which didn't seem to see us, and stopped at another pit of fire and brimstone.

In this next pit was a large-framed man.

I heard him preaching the gospel.

I looked in amazement to Jesus for an answer, for He always knew my thoughts.

He said,

"While he was on earth, this man was a preacher of the gospel".

"At one time he spoke the truth and served me."

I wondered what this man was doing in hell.

He was about six feet tall, and his skeleton was a dirty, grayish color, like a tombstone.

Parts of his clothing still hung on him.

I wondered why the flames had left these torn and tattered clothes and had not burned them up.

Burning flesh was hanging from him, and his skull seemed to be in flames.

A terrible odor came from him.

I watched the man spread his hands as if he were holding a book and begin to read Scriptures from the make-believe book.

Again, I remembered what Jesus had said:

"You have all your senses in hell, and they are a lot stronger here."

The man read Scripture after Scripture, and I thought it was good.

Jesus said to the man with great love in His voice,

"Peace, be still."

Immediately, the man stopped talking and turned slowly to look at Jesus.

I saw the man's soul inside this skeletal form.

He said to the Lord,

"Lord, now I will preach the truth to all the people.

Now, Lord, I'm ready to go and tell others about this place.

I know that while I was on earth, I didn't believe there was a hell, nor did I believe You were coming again.

It was what people wanted to hear, and I compromised the truth to the people in my church.

"I know I didn't like anyone who was different in race or color of skin, and I caused many to fall away from You.

I made my own rules about heaven and right and wrong.

I know that I led many astray, and I caused many to stumble over Your Holy Word, and I took money from the poor.

But, Lord, let me out, and I will do right.

I won't take money from the church anymore. I have repented already. I will love people of every race and color."

Jesus said,

"You not only distorted and misrepresented the Holy Word of God, but you lied about your not knowing the truth.

The pleasures of life were more important to you than truth.

I visited you Myself and tried to turn you around, but you would not listen.

You went on your own way, and evil was your lord.

You knew the truth, but you would not repent or turn back to Me.

I was there all the time. I waited for you.

I wanted you to repent, but you did not.

And now the judgment has been set."

Pity was on the face of Jesus.

I knew that if the man had listened to the Savior's call, he would not be here now.

O people, please listen.

About the Author:
Mary Kathryn Baxter was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 1976, while she was living in Belleville, Jesus appeared to her in human form, in dreams, in visions, and in revelations.

Since that time, she has received many visitations from the Lord.During those visits He has shown her the depths, degrees, levels,and torments of lost souls in hell. She has also received many visions of heaven, the Great Tribulation, and the end of time.

During one period of her life, Jesus appeared to her each night for forty nights. He revealed to her the horrors of hell and the glories of heaven. He told her that this message is for the whole world.

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