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The war for your mind!!!!!

Cary G Dean.

By Brasscheck Tv

Edward Bernays and the Assassination of Democracy

The Nazis were ruthless and power mad.

The Nazis had a war machine loaded with high tech weapons.

The Nazis had a highly effective internal propaganda system.

No one talks about this last item because they imported it directly from the United States.

Here's a little history that few are aware of... but if you know it, it explains much about how we got to where we are today.

When the Rockefeller group was under widespread popular attack in the early part of the 20th century, they hired a man named Ivy Lee to help them rehabilitate their public image. He was very successful at his task.

The Rockefellers loaned Lee to the Nazis to help them with their 1930s PR problems in the US. While, it may be hard to believe now, US press accounts of Hitler's rise to power in Germany were mostly positive.

Edward Bernays, a close colleague of Lee's, was another master of public manipulation.

One of Bernays' biggest fans was none other than Joseph Goebbels, the director of internal propaganda for the Nazi government.

Goebbels was the man who "sold" the Germans on the Nazis (much the way Roger Ailes has sold the US on Bush-style (i.e. criminal) Republicanism.

I recommend you read more,

You can't have a dictatorship without controlling the news media, overtly or covertly

It's important to know that even as Berlin was literally going up in flames, the Nazis retained the support of large portions of Germany society as a result of Goebbels' "genius."

This feat, as one book title describes it, was.

"The war that Hitler won."

Edward Bernays bragged that his book "The Crystalization of Public Opinion" was prominently displayed in Goebbels private office.

You may have heard of "Kristallnacht" a multi-day orgy of street terror against Jews in Germany that "crystalized" public opinion.

It had become socially acceptable to target Jews in the streets, in their stores and even in their homes.

Most historians state that the "kristall" in "kristallnacht" refers to the broken windows of Jewish owned stores.

There is one problem with this universally accepted version of events.

"Kristall" does not mean "glass" or "store window" in German. It means crystal.

What crystals were broken during "kristallnacht?"


None to speak of.

It is my contention that in fact "Kristallnacht," one of the notorious acts of state terrorism in modern history, was coined by Goebbels for the strategy of "crystalizing" public opinion he learned from his American mentor's book by the same name.

Meet Edward Bernays, US PR man, tutor to the Nazi propaganda machine, and inspiration to Roger Ailes, creator of Fox News, America's modern day version

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