Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Remember the real estate boom?

Cary G Dean.

By Brasscheck Tv

Here's the crap people were sold

Pundits were predicting the direction of real estate prices in 2007.

Those who counseled caution were shouted down.

Is it an accident that Fox always reports the news in such a way that's against the interest of Americans?

Fair and balanced for Fox News means putting idiots on to spout the party line no matter how insane, ignorant or dishonest.

Look at the two clowns Fox dug out of the intellectual trash heap to predict a 10% increase in real estate prices in 2007.

Note how they are permitted to shout down and ridicule the only person who got it right.

The real estate lending scam was engineered to keep a very shaky credit-crazy economy humming along for as long as possible until the whole thing fall's apart.

Recall that Bush & Co. actually sued states that tried to enforce their own long-established and rational real estate lending laws.

Here's a clip from Fox News...the garbage news network.

Mortaging America's future for a quick buck

It's one of the most amazing displays of journalistic incompetence and malpractice in recent memory.

The US news media failed to draw the obvious connection between the bizarre federal law enforcement investigation and leak campaign about the private life of New York Governor Spitzer and Spitzer's all out attack on the Bush administration for its collusion with predatory lenders.

While the international credit system grinds to a halt because of a superabundance of bad mortgage loans made in the US, the news media failed to cover the details of Spitzer's public charges against the White House.

Yet when salacious details were leaked about alleged details of Spitzer's private life, they took that information and made it the front page news for days.

To the 9/11 fiasco, the Iraq War, the travesty of the federal response to Hurricane Katrina, and the shredding of the US Constitution, we can now add a deliberate and reckless undermining of the credit and banking system of the US and the rest of the World to its list of "accomplishments."

Mission accomplished, Mr. President.

The predatory lending industry had a partner in the White House

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