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Cary G Dean.

May 2008 Revelation's by Brother Bob,
[ ] Sherry Shriner

Obama, Arrestees, Destruction, Judgment, and more…

A week or so ago I played my home voice mail and heard:

“Brother, hear the word of the Lord.

Obama is a stealth candidate for the Muslims”.

However, due to sponsoring a visiting family I delayed calling him until a few days ago;

So here’s the story:

Bob had personally heard Obama say in a speech he was

“Campaigning for the fifty-seven (sic) (as in 57) states”.

As Bob prayed the Lord said, “Dig deeper!” Apparently, there are 57 “Islamic states or sheikdoms” across the globe.

sums up his true allegiance].

[Now you know why he was pictured NOT saluting the flag.]

Further, my notes say, “Obama:

"Plans are on record to disarm the USA",

[Now you know why he was recorded saying “Americans cling to religion and guns”. My notes also say “Manchurian Candidate?”]

Bob was awakened at 11:43 PM a week or so ago, hearing the “Heavenly Father say,

“Look at this’”.

As he watched the vision begins to unfold.

He saw groups of people being marched.

They were haggard, ragged, dirty, and smelly, with horror on their faces and terror in their eyes.

They were shuffling along in a horrific state.

However, on the left side of their chest was either a red, blue, green or yellow


Within the circle was an upside-down cross!

The words came, “Remember the Jews!” These are Americans [born again] Christians and Jews too, with a yellow star on their chests.

The Christians CAME FIRST in the vision!

The desperate thoughts then sweeping through European Jews was to get to Israel at all costs.

[I’ve been trying to get that across to the any and all Jews since 1999!]

The message is clear about the colors:

Red to be terminated immediately;

(This Blogger know's he's on the red list already, so you know what's going to happen to your's truly)

Blue to be interrogated, then terminated;

Yellow and Greens to be reeducated (if possible) and/or used as workers in the now existing extermination camps.

This is what I have been warning you all about for over 12 years.]

The words then said, “It is a lot closer than you think!” He then said, “My eyes were open.

I was watching this “trail of tears’ and I guess it is highly reminiscent of
that which the Seminole Indians must have faced as they left Florida under military guard.

It was a death march;

They (the born again Christians and Jews) were [color] grouped together.

The marching people looked at me through eyes of terror.

I heard them say from within their spirits, This is the USA; this cannot be happening here!

This should
not happen here!

What have we done wrong?

The words from heaven came:

It is later than even you [Bob] think”

If Obama becomes the Democratic candidate there is a strong possibility he will be assassinated.

This will plunge the US into chaos they are not prepared for.

If this happens the foreign troops [in the USA, which I’ve been warning about since 1994] will be revealed.

It’s too late for America.

Respectfully submitted in the Name of the Lord, as well as notes and memory will permit,

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