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The Windsor's Food Cartel:Plan for Starvation Pt 9

Cary G Dean.

This article appeared as part of a feature in the December 8, 1995 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

by Richard Freeman

The drive to the East

The food cartel continues to consolidate its worldwide control in the face of the oncoming financial disintegration.

In the past four years, the food cartel has bought up many milling-processing plants and bakeries throughout the former Soviet Union and East bloc, bringing these nations under tight food control.

Recently, IBP moved to dump cheap Mexican meat there, in order to bankrupt beef producers.

The Clinton Agriculture Department has brought them up for investigation.

The food cartel has also built up its control, in the food distribution industries, through such combines as Philip Morris, Grand Metropolitan-Pillsbury, and KKR-RJR-Nabisco-Borden.

In the case of Philip Morris, which owns Kraft Foods, General Foods (Post cereals), the Miller Brewing Company, and a host of other brand names, 10¢ of every $1 that an American spends on brand-name food items is for a Philip Morris product.

The food cartel's power must be broken.

This year, the U.S. Justice Department's Anti-Trust division launched an investigation into price-fixing in the case of corn-based fructose and lysine, by Archer Daniels Midland and some of the other food cartel companies.

The case, if brought to trial, could provide valuable information and help to expose and possibly halt, in a limited way, a few of ADM's practices.

But the Anglo-Dutch-Swiss cartel is playing for high stakes.

The ability to constrain the supply of raw materials, and above all, food, to turn back the clock of history, and reduce mankind from the 5.6 billion population it currently enjoys to the state of a few hundred million semi-literate souls scratching out a bare existence.

That assault cannot be fought timidly.

The full truth about the food cartel must be known.

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