Saturday, 20 September 2008

Mobile Phone Mast's:You Can Fight Back

Cary G Dean.

By Ted Twietmeyer


People everywhere are waking up to the RF-induced misery from Mobile phone masts -

Then they fight back and win!

Mobile phone mast RF energy complaints include:

* Clusters of cancer

* Lack of sleep and insomnia

* Noises induced into the head and other health problems.

Several decades ago, mind control experiments proved that microwave energy is detected by the brain.

Many are actively fighting these structures as Mobile Phone companies attempt to place them dangerously near schools, playgrounds and homes.

Here are a few victory
stories from the USA and UK which prove that people are finally realizing these health hazards and are fighting back:

Lawsuit - Cell-Hell Tower dropping volumes of plastic pine needles which nearby neighbor has been picking up in his yard.

Now he has bags of the needles.

The installation also has loud air conditioning that keeps them awake all night,
along with an RF induced sound in their heads:
Parents fight insanely short 50 foot mast beside a school:
UK - Two mobile phone giants thrown out by city council and campaigners celebrate
UK - RF Health expert Dr. George Carlo claims to have found the world's worst cell site:

UK - Parents angry at cell tower near children's school:

UK - 60ft. Mast proposed beside a children's playground:

Glasgow, Scotland - RF-induced headaches will be free with new cell service in subways

UK - Government petition for EM Sensitivity:

UK - Phone mast plans spark protests with angry residents:

UK - Cell Company's fourth attempt to place a mast ignores objectors:

New Zealand researcher finds connection of electro-smog with loss of bees:

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