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Cary G Dean.

By Meredith Rollo
September 27, 2008 @ 7:11 pm
It’s unbelievable!!!

It happened in 1929…. and here it is again… We are on the verge of something truly catastrophic!!!

The American Dollar will fall, Inflation will rise, and where will the average Taxpayer be? …Buried under “mountains of Jewish-insighted monetary debt”!!!

Meanwhile, the economy faulters…so corporations have ammunition for lay-offs…and they too, like good Socialists, will run to the ‘government trough’, looking for their ‘bailouts’….in the name of Protecting America First!!!

Where is Obama? Where is McCain? Where is Bush? …they’re all in bed with Rothschild!!! Kissing his beloved Zionist Ass along with the likes of Palin, Biden, Frank, etc., etc., etc.

The United States is being bankrupted, just like Germany in the 1930’s…..

Nevermind the Bollocks, The US Army is coming home to a combat on the Home Front!!!

And where are the citizens who elect these Congressman and Senators???

But does it really matter?

The Republican and Democrat Corporate Fascist Regimes are Now the Enemy!!!

EMPOWERED BY THE IGNORANT MASSES, who refused, (and contine to refuse!), to

“WAKE UP”!!!

It’s not a matter of the world coming to an end….it’s more a matter of how much do you want to keep giving the government your hard earned money, so they can ‘redistribute’ it to their friends on Wall Street and in Israel!!!

…in other words, your “Defender of Democracy, the World Over” has just shifted the most massive tax burden, caused by that of a relatively few and priviledged, onto the shoulders of all our children’s children and beyond!!!

Obama is Not Change!!! McCain is Not Change!!!

There is no fix for this subversion of the US Constitution, The Bill of Rights and Amendments….

Unless People Wake Up, and declare…

“We, the People…” RUN THE GOVERNMENT!!!

And NOT Public Officials who systematically commit treason, subversion and engage in fraud!!!

The time has come, (and long overdue!!!), to dismantle the Jew-Operated Fractional Reserve Banking System vis-a-vis The U.S. Federal Reserve and its owner's back in London…

How dare any American Senator or Congressman call Russia “Aggressive” for responding to Georgia’s premeditated acts of aggression!!!

And little Israel…with their predominant influence in Washington…want their Goyim to Bomb the crap out of Iran….

Maybe we should send the men and women of the Armed Services into Iran…. it’s a sacrifice….but no great loss of life…because it seems the US Army has forgotten what it’s like to fight a real war…and not some “make belief fairy tale” CIA formed group like “Al-Qaeda” who people like Obama’s Brezinzski empowered back in the late 70’s/early 80’s….

It may sound unpatriotic, but the sooner the Depleted Uranium bombs fall in Tel Aviv…and US Soldiers get sacrificed like little lambs being led to the slaughter, only then will change come!!!

How War Depleted Uranium Can Cause Cancer

The Ghosts Of Desert Storm

Of course, that was the plan All Along!

Rothschild will still keep his money…and people like the Politicians in all the developed countries will be safely surrounded by hordes of their Secret Service Personnel…while the rest of us continue to pay, pay, pay!

So what is the Answer?


Wake Up!!!

Talk to Your Neighbor's!!!

Stop with the “Political Correctness”!!!

Call Your Local Government Representative's!!!

And Just Say “NO” to the Star of David!!!

The Israelites were expelled many times before!!!

Jews know Christians are programmed to

“Turn their cheek and forgive”….

But Christians can be just as cunning…and Zionist Jews know it!!!

RUSSIA is on its way to Israel!!!

Which can only mean 1 thing- the US will try to cut Russia off at the pass….but will fail…because it is written!!!

Zionist Jews and ZioCon Christians will Fall!!!

Let the chips fall where they belong…

Israel has had a “Great Run”….for the past 60 years…and Zionists for the past 2000 years or so…

Satan will not triumph or be allowed to triumph in glory…

They try to rebuild their Temple and burn the villages and orchards of it’s rightful owners…

They engage in rabbinical heresy…they allow the word of mortal man to supercede God’s Word….

They engage in usury, prostitution, slave trading, bigotry, hatred, torture and bribery to achieve their ends….

Their time is near…

Amen. Inshallah

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Rhotel1 said...

Since there is no such thing as a depleted uranium bomb, you will be waiting a long long time.