Friday, 19 December 2008

Brasscheck Tv You-Tube Links Vol 6

Cary G Dean.

Big Brother research archive

This one's Fifty and Full

Major David Icke exposure article on Barack Obama to read and circulate


More about governors: age/429.html
Interesting timing: age/501.html
"Indicted governor finds Jesus": age/499.html
Utah Prophet Predicts No Obama Presidency
The Globe - Obama Election Illegal
The shoe incident: age/500.html
$50 billion...up in smoke: age/497.html
Google Bans Anti-Zionist Site Uruknet

Christmas: Christ's Work or Satan's Work

Another day, another trillion dollars: age/496.html
8 Really, REALLY Scary Predictions
The coup in Canada: age/494.html
Symbols Of An Alien Sky Pt 1
Merchants of misery: age/493.html
Coke/Pepsi Used As Pesticides
Stronger than cement - and six times lighter: age/491.html
How to "grow steel": age/490.html
WaPost - An Impostor In The White House?
ANOTHER compressed air engine: age/489.html
The car of the future - blocked: age/456.html
Stock's doing well,Send more money?: Dow Plummets 680 On News Of Recession
More Absolute Proof Of WTC Demolitions
Terrorism TV: age/488.html

From Austrian TV, the Pope confirms UFOs are Real: com/watch? v=wSFqNo0PhJU

Why seeing is NOT believing: age/487.html
Planet Cools - Gore: 'I've Failed Badly'
50,000 Petition Demand Obama Birth Cert
Dick Cheney indicted in Texas - criminal conspiracy charges: age/486.html
The next financial shoe to drop: age/485.html
California wldfires - deliberate act, government involved: age/484.html
The other California wildfire: age/459.html
Remember the war on terror?: age/482.html
Here comes Sarah!: age/478.html
The war against cluster bombs: age/479.html

Islamic Law, known as "Shariah": primary source of persecution for Christians in Muslim States

American Thinker: Top ten reasons why sharia is bad for all societies

George Carlin on religion: age/250.html

100 more years in Iraq - Part Two: age/464.html

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