Monday, 29 December 2008

National Demonic Possession Pt 3

Cary G Dean.

By Dr. Rebecca Brown



"This is the art that seeks to foresee or foretell future events or discover hidden knowledge.

Forms of divination that open a person's doorways are palm reading, crystal ball reading, water witching, pendulum, divining rod, tarot cards or any form of card reading, tea leaf reading, numerology, and study of animal entrails.

(As in the Santeria religion)."

Modern "science" has produced some new divination techniques that are counterfeit science and 100% occult.

These are:

Graphoanalysis, hand writing analysis.

While there is a great deal of legitimacy in this art, if you hear such things as.

'You were involved in a painful accident at the age of 11 which causes you to have difficulty relating to people'

You know you are hearing occult divination.


"The iris is the colored part of the eye"

"It is claimed that by merely looking into the iris, any illness in the body can be diagnosed"

This is divination.


Kinesiology is the study of human motion, and with a study of the muscles of the body that produce specific movements.

This is science and is fine.

However, alternative types of kinesiology such as Applied Kinesiology and Behavioral Kinesiology are occultic.

Cytotoxology is the occult divination practice of claiming to be able to diagnose any illness from the supposed study of blood cells.

"Much information can be legitimately obtained by studying the blood, but it is impossible to diagnose all illnesses by studying one type of blood cell."

Reflexology is a supposed diagnosis of illness from reflexes.

It is occult divination.

"Hypnotism is basically a demonic trance"

It is in direct violation of God's Word.

We are commanded to take every thought captive [2 Cor 10:3-5] and to be sober and vigilant [1 Peter 5:8].

We must always be alert.

God holds us directly responsible for ourselves and our minds.

Hypnotism requires submission of the person being hypnotized.

Demons are ALWAYS placed into a person through hypnotism.

God's people MUST stay clear of this trap.

At this point, I can hear people saying that legitimate Dentistry uses this technique, and so we must be wrong.

I can only ask you whether you know the spiritual proclivities of your dentist who practices hypnotism!

People who are into the Craft look and act very normal.

If they did not, everyone in society would know the practicing Satanist on sight!

Dr. Brown repeatedly warns that many, many people in the Craft are medical professionals.

Stay away from hypnotism, and from medical professionals that use it!

"Acupuncture originated in Asia.

It is an integral part of the Asian religion.

The needles are supposed to tap into the 'Chi' or spirit.

Acupuncture provides a demonic healing.

Again, acupuncture may seem to bring relief, but at what price?

If the person being relieved of physical pain is attacked demonically, what have they gained?


"Works on the principle as acupuncture"

Color Analysis is.

"The type of analysis where you are told that certain colors affect your energy level"

As well as other parts of your body, and of your life.

Color healing is very popular in occult circles, including the New Age Movement.

Hair Analysis claims to be able to.

"Diagnose illness by analyzing hair."

Martial Arts are very popular in the United States right now.

It is very well known in the occult world that demon spirits are the power used in the martial arts.

"A good 'rule of thumb' is that if you reach the point where you can do those things that would normally rend flesh and bone without getting hurt, then you are using demon spirit power."

Seances are a popular form of divination.

How popular are they today in America?

They are so popular you can see merchandise advertisements using a seance as the basis for their commercial.

There are several forms of seances.

"Remember, a seance is anything that calls up a spirit to receive communication from it.

Other seances are:

The Ouija Board; Bloody Mary.

" A game played by children in which a demon appears in a mirror to them"

Demons love mirrors, and many occultists believe mirrors are a way in which to see into the spirit world.

I have seen many mirrors used in movies and cartoons in order to see into the spirit world.

Walt Disney is infamous for portraying mirrors in this way.


To speak with a counselor or spirit guide as in Silva Mind Control and many other techniques.

Roman Catholicism.

"Calling upon the 'saints' and Mary for help."

In the next chapter we will talk about the.


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