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Night of the Red Sky Pt 3

Cary G Dean.

The Prophetic Vision of 'Grandfather'

By Tom Brown Jr

In the 1920s, an Apache wise man had a Vision of four prophecies that foretold death and destruction for mankind, unless we incorporate Spirit in our daily lives.

Two of these prophecies may already have come true.

A number of people can predict the future, but few get the timing correct.

"Grandfather" was an Apache wise man and scout, named Stalking Wolf, who grew up outside white man's influence.

His many predictions not only came true in the manner he predicted, but also when he predicted.

Tom Brown, Jr learned extensively from Grandfather for twenty years, from their first meeting when Tom was seven years old.

Stalking Wolf was the real-life grandfather of Tom's best friend at the time.

The following excerpt from Tom's book, The Quest, tells of Grandfather's predictions for all of mankind.

The Four Signs

Grandfather had been wandering for several years and was well into his forties when the Vision of the four signs was given to him.

He had just finished his third Vision Quest at the Eternal Cave when the Vision made itself known.

He had been seated at the mouth of the cave, awaiting the rising Sun, when the spirit of the warrior appeared to him.

He felt as if he were in a state somewhere between dream and reality, sleep and wakefulness, until the spirit finally spoke and he knew that it was not his imagination.

The spirit called Grandfather's name and beckoned him to follow.

As Grandfather stood, he was suddenly transported to another world.

Again, he thought that he was dreaming, but his flesh could feel the reality of this place.

His senses knew that this was a state of abject reality, but in another time and place.

The spirit warrior spoke to Grandfather.

"These are the things yet to come that will mark the destruction of man.

These things you may never see, but you must work to stop them and pass these warnings on to your grandchildren.

They are the possible futures of what will come if man does not come back to the Earth and begin to obey the laws of Creation and the Creator.

There are four signs, four warnings, that only the children of the Earth will understand.

Each warning marks the beginning of a possible future, and as each warning becomes reality, so too does the future it marks."

The Third Sign

Grandfather spent the next four days at the cave entrance, though for those four days nothing spoke to him, not even the Earth.

He said that it was a time of great sorrow, of aloneness, and a time to digest all that had taken place.

He knew that these things would not appear in his lifetime, but they had to be passed down to the people of the future with the same urgency and power with which they had been delivered to him.

But he did not know how he would explain these unlikely events to anyone.

Surely the elders and shamans of the tribes would understand, but not society, and certainly not anyone who was removed from the Earth and Spirit.

He sat for the full four days, unmoving, as if made of stone, and his heart felt heavy with the burden he now carried.

It was at the end of the fourth day that the third Vision came to him.

As he gazed out onto the landscape towards the setting Sun, the sky suddenly turned to a liquid and then turned blood-red.

As far as his eyes could see, the sky was solid red, with no variation in shadow, texture or light.

The whole of Creation seemed to have grown still, as if awaiting some unseen command.

Time, place and destiny seemed to be in limbo, stilled by the bleeding sky.

He gazed for a long time at the sky, in a state of awe and terror, for the red colour of the sky was like nothing he had ever seen in any sunset or sunrise.

The colour was that of man, not of Nature, and it had a vile stench and texture.

It seemed to burn the Earth wherever it touched.

As sunset drifted to night, the stars shone bright red, the colour never leaving the sky, and everywhere the cries of fear and pain were heard.

Again, the warrior spirit appeared to Grandfather, but this time as a voice from the sky.

Like thunder, the voice shook the landscape.

"This, then, is the third sign, the night of the bleeding stars.

It will become known throughout the world, for the sky in all lands will be red with the blood of the sky, day and night.

It is then, with this sign of the third probable future, that there is no longer hope.

Life on the Earth as man has lived it will come to an end, and there can be no turning back, physically or spiritually.

It is then, if things are not changed during the second sign, that man will surely know the destruction of the Earth is at hand.

It is then that the children of the Earth must run to the wild places and hide.

For when the sky bleeds fire, there will be no safety in the world of man."

Grandfather sat in shocked horror as the voice continued.

"From this time, when the stars bleed, to the fourth and final sign, will be four seasons of peace

[That is, one Year].

It is in these four seasons that the children of the Earth must live deep in the wild places and find a new home, close to the Earth and the Creator.

It is only the children of the Earth that will survive, and they must live the philosophy of the Earth, never returning to the thinking of man.

And survival will not be enough, for the children of the Earth must also live close to the Spirit.

So tell them not to hesitate if and when this third sign becomes manifest in the stars, for there are but four seasons to escape."

Grandfather had this Vision some time in the 1920s.

About the Author:

Tom Brown, Jr has called the wilderness home for most of his life.

In 1978 he wrote his first book, The Tracker (an autobiography), and founded the Tracker School where he teaches courses in survival skills such as tracking, nature awareness and ancient Earth philosophy.

He has since written another 15 books, including Tom Brown's Field Guide to Wilderness Survival as well as The Search, The Vision, The Quest, The Journey, Grandfather and Awakening Spirits.

For details on tracking courses and how to obtain Tom's books, visit The Tracker, Inc. website at.


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