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National Demonic Possession Pt 2

Cary G Dean.

By Dr. Rebecca Brown

Now, let us turn our attention to the subject at hand:

let us examine the way in which God created every human being since Adam.

He created us as three-part beings.

We have bodies that are physical and spiritual, and then we have our eternal soul.

At death, the physical and the spiritual [personality] dies and ceases to exist.

However, the eternal soul goes back to God.

Physical and Spiritual Bodies.

"There is a natural body, and there is a spiritual body." [1 Cor 15:44]

We Are Temples.

"What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?" [1 Corinthian 6:19]

This is dynamite stuff, as it reveals a three-part construction of each human being!

The Temple, or Tabernacle, is comprised of three parts, by God's command!

The first part is the Outer Court, where the Gentiles and the women could go.

The second part was the Holy Place [Sanctuary], where men could worship and the priests could perform sacrifices.

And the third part is the Holy of Holies , in which the Ark of the Covenant was kept and in which the Holy Spirit of God resided.

What are the sins that open doorways, allowing demons to enter our Outer Court and our spirits?


"Through that doorway of sin, demons can enter and cause havoc in our lives."


These are the views of a Satanist.

This is how a Satanist views this spiritual reality.

There are three major categories of doorways which, if opened, can give a demon permission to enter.

Demons expend every effort to open these doors in people, knowing that they can immediately enter.


If anyone in your immediate past was involved in witchcraft in any way, and that includes Freemasonry, Mormonism, or any false religion, you need to identify these ancestors and specifically ask the Holy Spirit to close that door and seal it.

Sexual Sins.

"Demons are passed from one person to another through sexual sins.

These sins fall into eight basic categories."

Sex with the opposite sex outside of marriage.

People today are committing this sin big time.

Sex with someone who is not your spouse is THE major theme of most movies, TV movies, TV sitcoms, romance novels, and even comic books.

When you realize pornography is completely built around sex outside of marriage, you can begin to realize the enormity of this doorway sin.

We spend much time and effort in giving you the statistics of people's immorality, so that you can understand how God looks at us.

We will give you just a couple of representative statistics so you can grasp the enormity of this type of sin.

Three-fourths of today's teens have sex before they are married.

Two-thirds of all babies delivered today are born to single, unmarried mothers.

People by the tens of millions have opened this doorway of sin, literally inviting demons to come on in .

In alternative lifestyle magazines and papers of major metropolitan areas, you will probably discover a huge section devoted to.

"Escort" ads.

These are nothing more than ads for prostitution.

Most major cities have successfully swept the public streets from streetwalkers, but turn a blind eye toward this type of prostitution.

Sex with the same sex.

-- Homosexuality or Lesbianism --

This type of sexual activity has been

"Coming Out"

In our culture for the past two decades.

Not only do we now have Gay and Lesbian Pride events, not only do we have open ads in certain magazines and papers for homosexual encounters, but we have had major actors and actresses either coming out themselves, or acting in shows [like Ellen ] that feature.

"Coming Out"

Not only are each of these gay people infested with demons, but the body called Planet Earth, is infected in God's eyes, because we allow it and encourage it.

Dr. Brown observed that "violence and murder go hand in hand with demons of homosexuality.

I don't know why that is, it is just a fact."


This sin is getting more prevalent every year.

Further, for every reported incident, there are many, many more that never get reported.

Within pornography circles, incest is a major category of interest.

Sex with children.

This type of sin is a major interest in Gay circles.

In fact, gays have an organization called.


Which stands for North America Man Boy Love Association.

Their major emphasis is to eliminate statutes that outlaw sex with children.

However, heterosexual men also are very interested in sex with children, as this is a major category within pornography.

Sex with animals.

Bestiality is one of those hidden little secrets, about which there is no real data.

However, step into a pornography shop and you will see such materials.

Since porno shops will not carry material for which there is no demand, we can only assume that significant demand is there.

Sex with demons.

This type of sex is usually reserved only for people who have been involved in the occult.

However, a person heavily into pornography and prostitution can also experience this phenomenon.

Listen again to Dr. Brown:

"People in all forms of witchcraft, Satanism, and eastern religions ALL experience sexual intercourse of various sorts with spirits.

In Asian countries, this is called


How does it occur?

The physical partner experiences all the physical sensations of sex although the partner is a spirit and not physical at all.

Many times sexual encounters with demons will be interpreted as being


But the person awakes sexually aroused.

This can be the cause of frequent

'Wet-dreams' in men.

The sin of sex outside marriage and of pornography can also lead to sex with demons


This sin is huge in The World today.

Once again, you have only to go into a pornography shop to see how many types of such materials are available for sale.

In alternative lifestyle magazines, you will discover very large sections devoted to Sadomasochism.


I devote a large amount of time to detailing the extent of pornography in the World today.

Since approximately 1965, pornography has become


Where most people do not even give it a second thought anymore.

It is so mainstreamed, you can buy serious heterosexual pornography in convenience and drug stores!

Occult Involvement Of Any Kind.

"The occult has a multitude of activities in which people become involved.

It would take pages to list them all.

I am going to break the occult up into categories and list the more common problems."

In the next chapter we will talk about the.


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