Saturday, 6 December 2008

How technology is suppressed!!!

Cary G Dean

How PBS and Chevron got together to kill the alternative fuel movement

By Brasscheck TV

When it really matters,information on the Planet is censored

This is the enormity of what's been done to us by the oil industry and its henchmen.

And those henchmen most definitely include PBS, the so-called Public Broadcasting Service, perhaps better called the Petroleum Broadcasting Service.

For a few million dollars a year, the oil industry has completely censored any reporting on the REALITY that the World does not have to - and never had to - be dependent on gasoline for transport.

Is it really possible that a substitute for oil-based gasoline to power cars exists and that this fact has been suppressed for decades?

Who would do this?


How do they do it?

There's no need to guess.

We know exactly who does it - the oil companies

We know exactly why they do it


Now see exactly HOW they do it.

An inventor tells his story... age/423.html

If you've already seen this film, then here's where you can sign up and get the book:

Alcohol can be a gas

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