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Alternative Cancer Treatments Pt 2

Cary G Dean.

An Alternative Cancer Treatment Quiz

# 4

How many Nobel Prize discoveries (and when were they awarded) did Dr. Johanna Budwig use to help her develop the Flaxseed Oil (omega 3) / Cottage Cheese (sulphur proteins) cancer treatment?


Two Nobel Prizes, Dr. Otto Warburg (1931) and Dr. Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1937). First, Dr. Warburg: "Dr Otto Warburg, twice Nobel laureate was able to prove that cancer cannot grow in an high oxygen environment.

He states: Cancer, above all diseases, has countless secondary causes, but there is only one prime cause: the prime cause of cancer is the replacement of normal oxygen respiration of body cells by anaerobic respiration.

In other words, lack of oxygen.

His research revealed that when a cell is denied 60% of its normal requirement of oxygen, it switches to a fermentation mechanism and grows out of control."


Dr. Szent-Gyorgyi: "Dr. Szent-Gyorgy won the Nobel Prize in 1937 for discovering that essential fatty acids combined with sulphur-rich proteins (such as those found in diary products) increases oxygenation of the body."

Note that both of these Nobel Prizes were awarded in the 1930s. Dr. Budwig developed a diet to combine these two discoveries into one simple treatment plan - flaxseed oil and cottage cheese.

Her treatment has cured untold thousands of cancer patients.

Question #5

It is absurd to think that a person can be cured of cancer simply by changing their diet. Only professionals can cure cancer. True or false?


I quote from alternative medicine expert Walter Last: "To show how simple natural methods can be very effective in overcoming advanced cancer, I like to mention an example from the book The Food and Health of Western Man by Dr J. L. Mount.

In five reported cases of bowel cancer, surgery revealed that metastases had already spread all over the body. Therefore, these patients were just closed up again and sent home to die.

But instead of doing that, independently of each other, these five changed their diets and from then on ate only homegrown organically raised food.

When they finally did die 21 to 30 years later, no traces of cancer could be found in post-mortem examinations. Such cures without medical intervention are regarded as 'spontaneous remissions'."

The vast majority of cancer patients who go into "spontaneous remission" made massive changes in their diet after being diagnosed with cancer. "A study was done on 200 cancer patients who had experienced "spontaneous remission."

Doctors call these remissions "miracles." They're NOT miracles. Here's how they did it, Eighty seven percent of them fundamentally changed their diets
mostly to vegetarian.

All of the 200 made changes in their lives including nutritional supplementation and detoxification techniques. What this and other studies are telling us is that cancer can be cured by fundamentally changing the chemistry that created it."

Raymond Francis
Here is another interesting quote: "A study of four hundred cancer cases that went into spontaneous remission revealed cures which had little in common. Some people drank grape juice or swallowed massive doses of vitamin C; others prayed, took herbal remedies, or simply cheered themselves on.

These very diverse patients did have one thing in common, though. At a certain point in their disease, they suddenly knew, with complete certainty, that they were going to get better.

As if the disease were merely a mirage, and the patient suddenly passed beyond it into a space where fear and despair and all sickness were nonexistent."

While it is true that many people go into spontaneous remission by dramatically changing their diet and attitude, imagine what would happen if newly diagnosed cancer patients were told:


What foods contained the most cancer-killing nutrients,


What foods contained the best nutrients to build the immune system,


What foods feed cancer cells and thus cause the cancer to grow faster (these are foods to avoid),


The best supplements to kill cancer cells and build the immunity system.


What things in a person's life can damage a natural treatment plan (e.g. chlorine in tap water)? For example, changing to a vegan diet would not necessarily cure cancer, but going on a selective vegan diet and eating only the vegetables and fruits known to contain large amounts of cancer killing nutrients.

Avoiding foods that feed the cancer, and avoiding foods that interfere with the effectiveness of the cancer-fighting foods, would yield a much higher cure rate than any orthodox treatment, even better than Vitamin C therapy.

But alternative medicine can do much better than even this selective vegan protocol.

In Pt 3 we will investigate An Orthodox Cancer Treatment Quiz

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