Friday, 11 July 2008


Cary G Dean.

By Greg Evensen
Former Kansas State Trooper
May 4, 2008.

The legions of demonically inspired and driven men and women who have fought for leadership in this effort are well known to us and carry the names of.

Rothschild, Rockefeller, Solomon, Loeb, Illuminati, The Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderburgs, Trilateralists, Greenspan, Bush, Gore, Clinton, Obama, McCain, Schumer, Kennedy, Reid, Gingrich, Pelosi, Cheney, Elizabeth II, Putin, Ahdaminejad, Hussein, Hitler, Mao, Marxist/Atheist Israelis, Stalin, Lenin, apostate Christian ministers, Imams of all sects, Castro, Chavez, Genghis Kahn, Caesar, Pilate, Ramses and Cain etc,etc.

We are invaded by Illegal alien communists, ruled in the big city streets by gangs as ruthless as the Nazi SS, and they are allowed to control the drugs and the streets by city governments too weak and cowardly to do anything about it or to even really care.

Our churches are small, cornered and quiet, or, large happy pill places that neither condemn sin nor recognize the Savior.

Make believe ministers like Jeremiah Wright, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and even the present sitting Pope, pretend to speak for their followers while chasing stardom and money that is their true God and their real goal in life.

Not even following the book they profess to read.
" You cannot serve God and Mammon" Matt: 6:24.

Life long politicians like Schumer, Kennedy, Pelosi, Kerry, Cheney, Blair, Brown et'al, are addicted to TV cameras.

They have pushed their way into the spotlight to force popular power decisions on the nation's through their nauseating tripe that disarms America and the rest of the World, and orchestrates the daily obscene intrusions into our citizen's lives.

All of this is authorized by the Patriot Act and its fascist internal apparatus called Homeland Security, Mi5, the KGB etc.

We need to eliminate all of this and the hundreds of billions wasted on its tyrannical laws.

I have never advocated disengaging our work to change the system. I know that many times, my message has seemed overly pessimistic and highly discouraging. That's because it is!

However, any good Army Sgt. or sports coach will tell you that when the team is behind or the platoon surrounded, it is then that courage, discipline, hard work and the absolute commitment to victory is the ONLY thing that matters.

The bleakest moments can herald the brightest dawn.
The ultimate outcome depends entirely upon you and me.

To defeat Agenda 21 and Sustainable Development, civic groups have had to undo and eliminate the local decisions that were implemented without truth, disclosures or citizen input.

It was excruciatingly difficult, but many have prevailed.

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Greg Evensen

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