Sunday, 27 July 2008

The Coming Nuclear Event of the Year?

Cary G Dean.

The Coming Nuclear event of the year might be 9th Aug 2008

Nine is one of their magic number's as in 911.

Let's take 9/8/2008 the Anniversary of the Nagasaki nuclear event 63 years ago.

Add 6 and 3 you'v got a 9.

The Day of the coming date this year another 9.

Add the 8/2008 that's 18 which turns into another 9.

Add the whole date up it's 27 hey presto another 9.

We have four 9's now which = 36 wow!! another 9.

Now we have five 9's which = 45.

It's not only another 9 but the original year of the first event 45.

Some of You may not know this one.

When they first started to build the Pentagon, the first stone was layed on, you'v guessed it September the 11th 1945.

Then 56 year's to the day and maybe to the exact time, they attack it with a false flag terror event, which by the way gives you 11.

So if we do get through this Aug without a nuclear event of
some sort we'll all be lucky.


Update on above Prediction

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Cary G Dean.

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