Thursday, 10 July 2008

The Internet Deceptions of The Anuk Pt 2

Cary G Dean.

By Sherry Shriner

Their own arrogance usually reveals the spirit of which they have. These aliens posing as humans on the internet or using humans as pawns of whom they can deceive and work through, always have larger than life personas.

They have to be the most powerful and above everyone else.

Being a simple servant of the Lord's will not do. They have to be the whole lock stock and barrel.

And that is one of the biggest giveaways of their real spirit.

Prophets? Watchmen? No, to low for them. They have to be above all. They want to be revered by all as someone other than just the prophet or watchman Yahweh would empower.

Their extreme arrogance will give you flags in your spirit that something is not right. At least it should. They are not team players. They are "I, Me, Mine" players. I had many of them send me instant messages declaring they have a message from the Lord for me.

Lucky me I chose to use discernment against their plagiarized false prophecies. In fact one time I recognized one of them from a board I had recently visited where someone had a word for someone else.

At first I was amused but then I got angry as I realized the extent of their deceptions and started to see their game unraveling before my eyes. It was the Lord who started pointing things out to me about them, what they do and how they do it.

I should have written this article ages ago but it wasn't time then, now it is.

Another reason they infiltrate groups is to build and keep going the false kingdom mandate teaching that Christians are to build the Lord's kingdom on earth so He can return.

The Lord is not waiting on us to decide when He will return.

The reason they propagate and keep the error going is because they want the sheeple under control when their false Jesus arrives. Yes, another Anuk claiming he is something that he isn't.

Imagine that.

Yes there are people born in these last days for specific reasons. But they never supersede the Lord's authority. They never exalt themselves but Him. They never point to themselves, but they lead people to Him.

And they don't contradict the Word, which is Him. They are prophets, and watchmen, and believers empowered by Him to fulfill what He wants them to do. There is no "i" in the word team, or army. They are humble and they are meek, and they are genuine in their love for Him.

Test the spirits, whether they be of God.

How many people have ignored His still small voice in their spirit for that louder voice in their head? How many have succumbed to listening to false spirits? Many.

The Anuk will talk to your head, and because of their technology our military can as well via ELF technology and they can induce false dreams through their dreamscape manipulation technology.

Test the spirits.

Ask the Lord if something you have seen or heard is from Him. If you hear His still small voice then it is of Him. What you can do is engage the voice you are hearing in conversation and if it gets mad and vicious then you know it is not the Lord.

He never speaks harshly or condemns a person for something. He won't tell you that you are stupid or a fool like the Anuk or military will.

Test the spirits.

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