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Cary G Dean.


We came to the next pit. Inside this pit, which was the same size as the other one, was another skeleton form.

A man's voice cried from the pit, saying, "Lord, have mercy on me!" Only when they spoke could I tell whether the soul was a man or woman.

Great wailing sobs came from this man. "I'm so sorry, Jesus. Forgive me. Take me out of here. I have been in this place of torment for years. I beg You, let me out!"

Great sobs shook his skeletal frame as he begged, "Please, Jesus, let me out!" I looked at Jesus and saw that He too was crying.

"Lord Jesus," the man cried out from the burning pit, "haven't I suffered enough
for my sins? It has been forty years since my death."

Jesus said, "It is written, The just shall live by faith!' All mockers and unbelievers shall have their part in the lake of fire.

You would not believe the truth.

Many times My people were sent to you to show you the way, but you would not listen to them. You laughed at them and refused the gospel.

Even though I died on a cross for you, you mocked Me and would not repent of your sins. My Father gave you many opportunities to be saved.

If only you had listened!" Jesus wept.

"I know, Lord, I know!" the man cried. "But I repent now."
"It is too late," said Jesus. "Judgment is set."

The man continued, "Lord, some of my people are coming here, for they also will not repent. Please, Lord, let me go tell them that they must repent of their sins while they are still on earth. I do not want them to come here."

Jesus said, "They have preachers, teachers, elders-all ministering the gospel.

They will tell them.

They also have the advantages of the modern communications systems and many other ways to learn of Me.

I sent workers to them that they might believe and be saved.

If they will not believe when they hear the gospel, neither will they be persuaded though one rises from the dead."

At this, the man became very angry and began to curse.

Evil, blasphemous words came from him.

I looked on in horror as the flames rose up and his dead, decaying flesh began to burn and fall off.

Inside this dead shell of a man, I saw his soul. It looked like a dirty-gray mist, and it filled the inside of his skeleton.

I turned to Jesus and cried, "Lord, how horrible!"

Jesus said, "Hell is real; the judgment is real. I love them so, My child. This is only the beginning of the frightful things I have to show you.

There is much more to come.

"Tell the world for Me that hell is real, that men and women must repent of their sins. Come, follow Me. We must go on."

In the next pit was a very small-framed woman who looked to be about eighty years old.

I can't say how I knew her age, but I did.

The skin was removed from her bones by the continual flame, and only the bones remained with a dirty-mist soul inside.

I watched as the fire burned her.

Soon there were only the bones and the worms crawling inside, which the fire could not burn.

"Lord, how terrible!" I cried. "I don't know if I can go on, for this is awful beyond belief." As far as my eyes could see, souls were burning in pits of fire.

"My child, this is why you are here," Jesus answered. "You must know and tell the truth about hell.

Heaven is real! Hell is real! Come, we must go on."

I looked back at the woman. Her cries were so sad. As I watched her, she put her bony hands together, as if in prayer.

I couldn't help crying.

I was in a spirit form, and I was crying. I knew that people in hell felt all these things, too.

Jesus knew my thoughts. "Yes, child," He said, "they do.

When people come here, they have the same feelings and thoughts as when they were on earth.

They remember their families and friends and all the times they had a chance to repent but refused to do so.

Memory is always with them. If only they had believed the gospel and repented before it was too late."

I looked at the old woman once again, and this time I noticed that she had only one leg, and there seemed to be holes drilled in her hip bones.

"What are these, Jesus?" I asked.

He said, "Child, while she was on earth, she had cancer and was in much pain.

Surgery was done to save her life.

She lay a bitter old woman for many years.

Many of My people came to pray for her and to tell her I could heal her.

She said, 'God did this to me,' and she would not repent and believe the gospel. She even knew Me once, but in time she came to hate Me.

"She said she did not need God and did not want Me to heal her.

Yet I pleaded with her, still wanting to help her, wanting to heal and to bless her.

She turned her back on Me and cursed Me.

She said she did not want Me. My spirit pleaded with her. Even after she had turned her back on Me, I still tried to draw her by My spirit, but she would not listen.

At last she died and came here."

The old woman cried out to Jesus, "Lord Jesus, please forgive me now. I'm sorry that I didn't repent while I was on earth.

" With great sobs she cried out to Jesus, "If only I had repented before it was too late! Lord, help me out of here.

I will serve You.

I will be good. Haven't I suffered enough? Why did I wait until too late? Oh, why did I wait until Your Spirit quit striving with me?"

Jesus said to her, "You had chance after chance to repent and serve Me." Sadness was written all over Jesus' face as we walked away.

As I watched the old woman cry, I asked,

"Lord, what is next?"

About the Author:
Mary Kathryn Baxter was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. In 1976, while she was living in Belleville, Jesus appeared to her in human form, in dreams, in visions, and in revelations.

Since that time, she has received many visitations from the Lord.During those visits He has shown her the depths, degrees, levels,and torments of lost souls in hell. She has also received many visions of heaven, the Great Tribulation, and the end of time.

During one period of her life, Jesus appeared to her each night for forty nights. He revealed to her the horrors of hell and the glories of heaven. He told her that this message is for the whole world.

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