Saturday, 26 July 2008

The Internet Deceptions of The Anuk Pt 3

Cary G Dean.

By Sherry Shriner

Many believers are being distracted away from the things they should be doing because they are listening to the false prophecies given by the pawns of the Anuk.

Who are the pawns?

People that are unknowingly chip implanted that hear the Anuk
speaking to them.

Thinking these Anuk are really God, they spend their time claiming they are hearing from the Lord and attacking the real believers, or channeling and propagating false doctrines, or falling under delusion themselves and being taken down rabbit trails and away from what their real calling is.

They are also time and energy stealers and wasters.

They will keep you in conversations constantly to divert you from getting work done or something ministry related done as they keep you distracted.

It is beyond the normal of just talking to friends.

It is a constant harassment at the most inconvenient times.

The Lord has told me He will give believers being deceived over to their delusions because they are not seeking Him.

And when He has tried to speak to them, they have ignored Him and have chosen to listen to that louder demonic or alien spirit speaking to them.

Remember the Lord will not contradict Himself.

He will not speak harshly to you, or criticize, or condemn you.

He does not channel information to your head He speaks to your heart.

Be vigilant and on guard.

When these types enter your "homes" wherever they are on the internet, don't let them stay or they will contaminate your entire house and those in it.

They will target the ones they can prey on and inflict them with delusions that will eventually invite demonic oppression and possession to those who dwell on the delusions, or false doctrines, or whatever game is being played at the time.

They will play on the sympathy and pity of those around them with hardship stories in order to be accepted as genuine.

They will either be very arrogant or very meek, but always persistent.

And they don't care if you are on to them or their tactics, they will never surrender or admit who or what they are.

I have seen this happen all over the internet and by the same types of people with the same types of characteristics.

Once you learn how to detect them you will see them at work everywhere or you will notice when one walks in the door.

Don't be quick to judge them, just watch them and eventually their own spirits will expose them for what they are.

Most people won't believe you anyway but you will know, and you won't be deceived.

Safeguard yourself.

About the Author:
Sherry Shriner

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