Sunday, 27 July 2008

The Mono Atomic Destruction of Mankind Pt 2

Cary G Dean.

by Anna Hayes

There are numerous new concoctions of this stuff now surfacing, all basically the same substance called "White Powder Gold", at various levels of strength.

The Mono-atomic Gold is a milder version than some, but I would consider the following carefully before using it.

White Powder Gold has ancient roots to Egypt and beyond. In 1998 I was given a body of data on that substance from the Guardian Alliance, which I never had time to typeset or publish.

The Guardian Alliance says White Powder Gold and related substances create a temporary improvement in body conditions, and in spiritual expansion experiences, and at the same time they erode the first 3 Strands of the DNA Template, by creating

"Molecular Compaction".

The substances temporarily "fire" the dormant codes in the higher dimensional DNA strand Templates, releasing bursts of higher frequency into the DNA template, creating temporary "windows" to the higher dimensions and giving the physical body a temporary boost.

But the firing of the higher strand codes, before the lower strand templates are activated enough to process those frequencies, creates "frequency overkill" in the lower strand template

(LSD type drugs do this too).

The higher frequencies begin to crush the natural crystalline arrangement of the scalar-wave grids in the lower strand templates, like a hammer on a quartz crystal cluster.

The lower strand templates progressively erode, creating mutation in the physical DNA, and deterioration in related body systems.

(The Internal Bio-Regenesis Techniques from the Guardian Alliance fire the higher strand codes, but they simultaneously work to activate the lower strand codes to receive the higher frequencies, following the organic sequence of the DNA template bring in the frequencies of the higher dimensions of consciousness, this is the natural way, and does not harm the DNA template or body).

I am told that White Powder Gold substances create a pattern of addiction in the body over time, they are progressively needed to maintain the general health once the lower strand DNA templates begin to unravel.

This creates a viscous cycle of more gold = more template decay = need for more gold.

Eventually the strand templates mutate the physical DNA and accelerate one's unnatural passage to the otherworlds.

Modern science knows nothing of the DNA templates or what substances effect them, so they can’t really tell anything about the substance except that it appears to create beneficial results "on the outside".

No offense intended to the people involved with manufacturing or taking Mono-atomic, but I have come to trust the Guardian Alliance opinion on such things due to the extensive information they provide on the DNA template functions, so personally,

I wouldn’t touch the stuff.

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by Anna Hayes

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