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The Windsor's Food Cartel:Plan for Starvation Pt 5

Cary G Dean.

This article appeared as part of a feature in the December 8, 1995 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

by Richard Freeman


The cartel's four major export source regions (the United States; the European Union; the British Commonwealth countries of New Zealand, Australia, and Canada; and the Ibero-American nations Argentina and Brazil) exert enormous dominance over meat exports.

As well, a Chinese bloc of China, Taiwan, and Hongkong (the last nation a re-exporter) is important in pork and poultry exports.

For 1994, the cartel's basic food export regions commanded 85% of the world's export of beef and veal of 4.95 million metric tons;

When the Chinese market is added in, these regions commanded 92% of the world's export trade of 2.1 million tons of pork, and 93% of the world's export trade of 5.84 million metric tons of poultry.

The export of pork and poultry in China and Taiwan is increasingly run by the food cartel.

Four of the cartel's biggest companies in beef export are Cargill, Archer Daniels Midland/Topfer, ConAgra/Peavey, and Iowa Beef Processors, now called IBP.

The Dakota City, Nebraska-based IBP exemplifies how the oligarchy employs its corporate offshoots.

Once owned by Armand Hammer's Occidental Petroleum Co., today 13% of the stock of IBP is owned by FMR Corp., the holding company for Fidelity Investments, the largest family of mutual funds in the United States, which is run by the Boston Brahmin oligarchical families.

FMR is interlocked with other parts of the Windsor cartel-it is a large owner of raw material cartel companies, including shares of 5% or more of Homestake Mining, Coeur D'Alene Mines, and Santa Fe Pacific Gold Corp., three of the world's largest gold mining companies.

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Through IBP, the food cartel is intervening in the U.S. Presidential elections, giving heavy backing to the "free enterprise" Presidential campaign of Sen. Phil Gramm (R-Tex.).

On IBP's board of directors is Alec Courtalis, a Florida real estate magnate who was national finance co-chairman of the 1992 Bush-Quayle campaign, and is currently chairman of the futuristic Armand Hammer United World College and finance committee chairman of the Gramm for President campaign.

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In addition, Gramm's wife, Wendy Gramm, is an IBP board member.

From 1988 to 1993, Wendy Gramm chaired the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, during which time the CFTC rigged the explosive growth in speculative derivatives instruments.

Edible oils and fats.

The United States, the European Union, and Argentina and Brazil thoroughly dominate the export market in the soybean and its by-products, the most basic source of edible oils and fats.

The food cartel export source sectors are the masters of 90% of the international trade in soybeans, of 32.1 million metric tons per year; 90% of the international trade in soybean meal, of 31.1 million metric tons; and, along with British Commonwealth member India, 92% of the 31.1 million metric tons of soybean meal exports.

According to spokesmen for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, as well as private industry, the same six companies that dominate the international grain trade also dominate the international trade in soybeans and by-products.

The one additional cartel member company which is influential in the soybean trade, and which is smaller than the leading six companies, is S.I. Joseph Co. of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Burton Joseph, chairman of this company, is a former national chairman and a leading member of the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith.

He is a longtime enemy of Lyndon LaRouche.

Feed and seed.

The cartel also controls feed for animals and seed for planting.

British Petroleum, through its Nutrition division, is the largest feed producer in Europe.

Having bought Purina Mills from Ralston Purina Company, British Petroleum, one of the House of Windsor's key energy companies, is now the second largest feed producer in America.

July 29, 2008
BP Profits Hit Record $13.4 Billion
Udate: Oct 29, 2008
BP Profits Skyrocket - Up 148%
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Udate: Feb 4th, 2009
BP Ahead 39% To Record $25 Billion

Cargill, the world's largest grain exporter, through its Nutrena Feed division, is also the biggest producer of animal feed and hybrid seed in the world, while Continental Grain, through its Wayne Feed division, is one of the biggest producers of feed and a major force in hybrid seed production.

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Speculators Now Trying to Control The Food Supply

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