Monday, 28 July 2008


Cary G Dean.

by Stuart Harrison

So their every movement and especially the hidden locations of the serpentine races, is determined by their food source.


To my mind that proves that they do not come from galaxies far far away.

They are creatures of this universe, just not primarily, this dimension.

One of the things the Great Serpent achieved in the garden was separating mankind from the access to the serpent's home dimension naturally as Adam and the first woman may well have been able to, before the fall.

They did after all freely interact with the trees in the garden which is merely a metaphor for angels.

Dust shalt thou eat all the days of thy life.

And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed.

This is the exact reason then for the hatred between mankind, the serpentine races and most likely their followers too.

You can't have a stronger reason for hatred between two species, than one having to eat the other to live and the other having to defend itself to survive!

GOD himself has ordained it to be this way, the perfect reason for enmity and battle.

And taking in the long term view, is their really any better way to get an issue resolved once and for all, than arranging an ultimate showdown as prophesied.

If there was no enmity they would also be no reason to end the conflict which the serpents started, by trying to take over this earth by making their own twisted creatures through hybridization.

Adam the individual was created later in Genesis chapter 2;

Partly to take the planet back on the Creator's behalf.

Therefore It's my belief, that mankind should hate with a perfect hatred, the serpents whether they are reptilian, grey, giant or hybrid.

There really is no room for pacifism between us.

Messiah's message of "loving your enemies" was meant for mankind, not the serpents or their hybrid children.

It is clear what our maker thinks of them in the bible stories.

I can say this with a clear conscience because I have met a reptilian face to face.

I have witnessed the reptilian's pure hatred of us firsthand when I cast one out of its hiding place (which was a cassette) and I have the scars on my face to remind me.

So when people say to me, "You don’t really believe in spirits, demons and angels do you" with a mocking smile on their face, I just have to laugh right back at their ignorance.

These entities don't have the same size restrictions as we do when it comes to physical objects.

They can travel through electricity cables or take up residence in that small wooden idol brought home from a holiday.

Bringing evil into our homes is so easily done through ignorance of the devils devices.

On with the next section.

"It shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel"

People have been confused over this section just as much.

Again the NIV is delicately misleading with "he will crush your head, and you will strike his heel"

Which makes it harder to understand as it leads the thoughts into ones of battles and suchlike.

In fact the meaning is an amazingly simple one.

It simply means that the serpents will be living underneath the population of mankind and therefore have to strike upwards from below and visa versa.

This is the key indicator that they mainly live within our very own hollow earth.

This explains all the underground activity, the hellish sounds recorded by that Siberian mining company when digging deeper than ever before, the flying craft coming up out of the oceans and just so many things.

Talking about that "Sounds of hell recording in the edges archives, isn't it possible then that the miners merely found a cavern where people are imprisoned, tortured and eaten?

It does not necessarily have to be hell itself.

It's my belief that this is why the DUMB bases are controlled by people only on the upper levels and only the aliens dominate the lower levels.

They simply do not want people getting to close to their homes.

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Stuart Harrison

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