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Cary G Dean.

( I'v Heard of selling your soul to the Devil but this is Ridiculous )

Is this all it takes in 2008 to get a soul? Put up a website and offer money?
Exactly how many soul-scalped humans ARE amongst us it's getting weirder.

Below is an actual press release from the Siloam Springs, Arkansas police department concerning an unusual incident that happened recently. As far as I know it is completely legitimate as it was reported on area TV news programs
here is a link
http://www.kfsm. com/Global/ story.asp? S=8679338&nav=menu151_ 2_4

Is A Group Actually Trying to Buy Souls ???

Siloam Springs, Arkansas
Siloam Springs police report two men tried to buy a woman’s soul

Posted: July 15, 2008 03:01 PM CDT
Updated: July 15, 2008 03:41 PM CDT
From the Siloam Springs Police Department:


On 11 July 2008, an email began circulating the Siloam Springs and Benton County area of Northwest Arkansas concerning a group self titled.

"We Want Your Soul".

The body of the original email related an incident which occurred on 10 July 2008 in the parking lot of Spring Valley apartments and concerned a woman who was approached by two well dressed men who began asking questions concerning her religion, her financial status and ultimately asking her to

"Sell Her Soul"?.

Police responded to the area of the incident that evening and were unable to locate the two men or their vehicle.

The two men were described as white males in their late 50's or early 60's, well dressed wearing business suits with a briefcase. The gentlemen reportedly had tattoos on their right hand in the shape of a triangle with a circle and 5 pointed star in the center of the circle ( see website).

The vehicle was described as late model champagne colored Lexus, unknown registration.

Since the initial incident and police response, there have been no additional reports from citizens, concerning this group within the Siloam Springs area.

Siloam Springs Police have received several phone calls from citizens concerning the email, and variations of rumors surrounding the original email and incident.

To date, the incident on 10 July 2008 has been the only incident reported to police concerning this group.

Preliminary information concerning the intent of the group "We Want Your Soul" is limited at this time.

While the group name obviously "shocks the sensibilities" the criminal intent remains undetermined.

Citizens are asked to contact the Siloam Springs Police Department immediately at (479) 524-4118 if you are contacted by someone from this group.

New World Order? Illuminati? Or just a strange practical joke
what do you think ?

Best wishes,

Donald Ryles PhD, CPI, CH
The "We Want Your Soul" website is at:

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