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ORGONE : Gods Gift to Mankind

Cary G Dean.

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International Orgone Network - The Bible Codes and Orgone

Orgone is such an awesome tool and weapon that the Lord has given us in these last days that I've decided to establish the name International Orgone Network and in particular this group of orgone distributors and warriors as,


It's amazing how fast and wide the orgone network is growing and the Lord has shown me much about it over the past few months.

When I began promoting orgone and how to make it a couple of years ago I never realized what it could do, I just knew from the Lord that it was what we needed to do to protect ourselves from the NWO.

Now from my own experiences using orgone and distributing it and hearing the testimonies of others who are doing the same, and seeing all of these things and much more confirmed and revealed in the Bible Codes I know without a doubt that orgone distribution is a huge part of the exploits Yah's people are doing in the last days as revealed in Daniel 11.

In fact the Bible Codes reveals that this particular fragment or group of believers is of the 144,000. I feel led to call this group,


It has a nice ring to it doesn't it? Faction 4 of the 144 (thousand).

What is Faction Four?

There are currently 3 Factions within the New World Order competing for rulership of and dominion over the earth.

Faction 1 consists of the rich international bankers and the Rothschild group(s).

Faction 2 consists of those involved with the secret societies and Corporations, such as the Rockefeller group(s).

Faction 3 is the Alien Agenda which includes the New Age and fringe groups, hybrids, walk-ins, soul scalpers and soul-scalped, shapeshifters etc.

And now Faction 4

A fragment of the 144,000 who are going forth in exploits to defeat the armies of the Man of Sin when he arrives.

We are not of the New World Order we are Against the NWO, and will fight to tear down the strongholds of this New World Order and establish a defense against their high tech weapon attacks and even hostile presence against us and mankind.

We are a Resistance Group.

The Lord's group of Warriors that He is calling forth and calling out to do exploits for Him.

Faction 4 is fighting against two different enemies, man and beasts. It is man and Satan who comprise the NWO.

It is man who operates the high tech weapons designed to abuse, kill, and enslave mankind.

It is the beasts, Satan's armies that are coming, who will conquer, control, and takeover man's attempt to run and control the NWO.

For now humans are useful pawns to establish, run, and implement Satan's NWO agenda around the world in anticipation for his arrival and dictatorship (theocratic)rule.

When he arrives he fully intends on taking over all aspects with his own "alien" council.

His forces have already successfully taken over many of the humans involved with implementing the NWO via soul scalping and alien/demonic possession.

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Sherry Shriner

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