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The Satanic Elites:World Domination Pt 2

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By Sherry Shriner

This also is reminiscent of the Richard Allan Davis murder trial where the Court never once allowed for media news disclosure of the fact that Richard Allan Davis had worked for the CIA as a CIA Finder for more then twenty years and that his own sister admitted in a news interview that her brother Richard Allan Davis had been a practicing Satanist for more then twenty eight years.

The Satanic Elites have a vast network that annually kidnaps and Ritualistically Sacrificially murders more then 400,000 American Children, young people, women, and their political enemies annually and this is all being kept from the general public by the Elitist owned and controlled media Mafia.

It is also furthered garnished by the Fairy Tale media that daily drenches the brain dead American Citizens in their brain dead fantasy Sitcom and sports channel world.

And that is further dampened down by the likes of the continual bombardment of subtle Luciferian and Witchcraft oriented broadcasting from such monolithic giants as Disney productions, and Time Warner to name only a few of the Satanic Elite's media and entertainment monopoly.

With reference to Return from Witch Mountain, and the Satanist Potter movies, to also name just a few of their, "It's All Right to Be Satanist Entertainment Diversions."

Look at the recent news break about the extreme battle going on at Disney Productions and the quitting of most of it's top designers, including top board members with the mentioning by the news media briefly that they were leaving Disney due to it's Satanic undertones and it's getting off track from being a true family entertainment program.

With the elements of hidden agendas being subtly initiated by the Elitist CIA NSA Mafia Heads of Disney to try and mold the minds of the world's Children to conforming to the ways of Satanism, Luciferianism, Witchcraft, Black Magic, and Necromancy.

What is the real truth about the Tacoma Herald reporter who in the middle 1980's suddenly disappeared who was the head of the Green River Task Force investigative journalism and news team for the Tacoma Herald when she suddenly disappeared and was later found to be claiming amnesia eighteen years later in a remote section of Alaska claiming she had lost her identity.

Come on, what really happened here, what did she find out that the Elites didn't want the public to find out, and what was behind her disappearing for eighteen years, and why hasn't more emphasis been brought to the attention of the public through the media.

If the media wasn't a part of this heinous cover up that leads to the owners of the media Mafia and the wealthy all powerful Elitist establishment?

George Bush Senior had ordered in 1998, for no reason the arresting and the placing into the Joplin Missouri Federal Detention Center for four years, American's Bulletin Organized Crime investigative reporter Bob on the Job Lewis in order to get him out of the way of the Bush Campaign and massive illegal Vote Fraud that placed Bush Junior unlawfully into the U.S. Presidency thereof.

To silence Bob on the Job for his ability to accurately report on the massive criminal and murdering activities of the entire Bush Crime and Mass Murder Family and their all controlling Royal Windsor's Elitist Globalist network.

Bob on the Job Lewis was the former lead investigator of the Kennedy Assassination under the former U.S. Senate Committee on the Kennedy Assassination that had been headed by the Honorable Charles Percy in the late 1960's.

Whereas Bob on the Job Lewis had broke the story on the cover-up and the truth of the conspiracy that tied George Bush Senior and Oliver Buck Revelle directly to being a part of the assassination of JFK.

In part by his famous New Republic article in 1971 that was the longest article ever published by the New Republic which is one of America's oldest and most reputable East Coast Establishment's monthly journal publications.

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