Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Cary G Dean.

By Greg Evensen
Former Kansas State Trooper
May 4, 2008.

Millions will be in abject terror as the most evil among us pound at the door and break in the windows of cities and suburbia.

And all of this just a stone's throw from the soccer field where the Friday before, time and effort was spent on what you thought were the most important moments in all of one's life.

Does it matter now? Did it really matter then? We will look back after the final plunge into oblivion begins with trucks stopping along the highway. Trucks hauling the supplies we take for granted.

No more money, no more $4.50 diesel fuel, and no more patience with a government more intent on controlling your lives than working toward a secure America with a prosperous, energy independent and debt free nation under their wheels.

Police agencies and military units are training around the clock every day of every week across the land in preparation for riots, confiscations and detentions on a scale never before contemplated.

Communications will be controlled, then severed, as the government and the military begin a black-out that will erase the final freedom that Americans have enjoyed through the use of cell phones and the internet.

This will be so they can implement their battle plans without your knowing of it or being able to sound the alarm. We will be as isolated and vulnerable as any people anywhere on earth.

That descent into utter darkness will put the last nail on the coffin of freedom as surely as though the founders had been put to the wall and executed.

We are staring with blind eyes into the void of our own making. We have played soccer while the thieves stole our home towns.

The damage is done.

We have opened the doors to our refuge and found it bare. So, is there any hope at all? Is there something you can cling to that allows this movie to have a happy ending?

That is entirely up to each of you.

The Four Horsemen are out there somewhere but riding toward us with the speed of the wind that is for sure.

That you must accept and believe. If you do, then perhaps you will yet do what you should have done so many months and years ago to survive this disaster.

I refuse to set timetables for the obvious reason. I do not have a web-cam in to the Heavenly realm and can not make those kinds of heart-stopping predictions. I can only view what is available to all of us and draw the obvious, commonsense conclusions.

Our freedoms are almost gone.

The government is on the fast track to surrendering our nation to the interests that have sought for centuries to rule us and the world.

Presidents, businessmen, Congress, diplomats, military general staffs and bankers, oilmen, and false religious leaders have conspired to give our liberty and destiny to Satan himself.

As for me and my household, we will serve our Faith.

Catch up later.

About the Author:
Greg Evensen

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