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The Satanic Elites:World Domination Pt 3

Cary G Dean.

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By Sherry Shriner

Bob on the Job had tied the murder of U.S. Federal Judge Woods to the Bush Family as being part of their cover up of their numerous crimes, drug operations, and global money laundering and weapons schemes.

Bob tied the Charles Harroldson murder of Judge Woods to Harroldson also being one of the Jack Ruby employees, Harroldson had worked for Jack Ruby since the 1950's serving as a Ruby owned Strip Bar Bouncer, Hitman, Drug Runner, and Dallas Ruby Mafia Body Guard.

Oswald and Ruby were both CIA KGB trained Agent's and were both seen several times in meeting's together before the JFK assassination.

( Oswald's shooting by Ruby was faked by the way, blank bullet's fake blood? )

Harroldson was appointed by the then second in command of the Dallas Mafia Jack Ruby to be one of the Grassy Knoll triggerman who shot JFK, and that part of the Judge Woods murder pay off was Harroldson's son Woody Harroldson being given a lifetime movie stardom contract by the all controlling Mafia Elitist owned Hollywood movie monopoly.

Bob on the Job broke the story through the American's Bulletin on the Polly Klass kidnap, rape, and ritualistic murder at the infamous California Bohemia Grove Elitist Satanist sacrifice resort.

Where all of the heads of the entire planet regularly congregate to carry on their Satanic and Luciferian networking and sacrificing which includes the likes of.

Bill Clinton, the entire Bush Family, Henry Kissinger, and Prince Phillip to name just an extremely small part of the vast all controlling Luciferian Illuminati.

The Bohemian Grove and the Murder of Polly Klaas July 13,2001

Bob on the Job had been reporting about the Elitist Satanic networks that control the entire Northwest infrastructure and how the Green River Murders were tied directly to a vast media World Wide cover up.

Linking of these murders to Ritualistic Satanic sacrificing that regularly is carried out at the vast number of large real estate tracts of property that are owned throughout the Northwest by this vast all controlling Satanic Mafia that has all power control over the entire Northwest infrastructure and who are the majority land holders.

The heads of Boeing, MicroSoft and the entire northwest power elite are all a part of this network that includes enumerable amounts of Satanist activities that involves vast numbers of Elites partaking in pedophilia, homosexuality, drugs, and human sacrifice that is literally out of control in the Northwest and other part's of the World.

Bob on the Job tied the Jean Bonet Ramsey murder to being a cover up of it actually being a Satanic Murder Sacrifice and Bob on the Job tied the Ramsey parents to being practicing Satanists.

How do you think the Ramsey's were never indicted and they were and have been allowed to continually travel through out the world without their ever being held on charges.

They are still immune from being charged even after there has been rendered and discovered extreme evidence of their complicity in their daughter's Satanic Ritualistic Murder Sacrifice.

And the Ramsey's are part of and linked to George Bush, Gerald Ford, Cheney, to name only a few through their corporate secret society connections including through the secretive Royal Elitist summer resort in Michigan, and Ramsey’s membership in the Bohemia Grove Club.

Even the Royal Elites will also sacrifice their own (Diana Princess of Wales ), let alone that they all practice pedophilia and homosexuality to name only a few of their regular Satanist Necromancic practices.

And their ritualistic mannerisms that interlinks to their ongoing and never ending human sacrifices in order to maintain their power and their control over the unknowing general citizenry and to also protect their international banking wealth and vast Planetary Satanist network.

The head of the American Patriot Party for Washington State. Who every Sunday is a host on a Public Access Broadcast Channel in Seattle on a show called “Call for Investigation,” was the target of murder attempts.

She lost everything she had owned due to the Elites in the Northwest having targeted her for having reported that her second husband was tied directly to the Green River Murders and to this vast Satanist all controlling network.

And she is still fighting this Satanist Elitist network and trying to wake the sleeping public to become aware as to who their real enemy is that they have been lied to by their all controlling Media World Wide Mafia monopoly.

(But don't hold your breath Folk's)

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Sherry Shriner

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