Saturday, 26 July 2008


Cary G Dean.

By Greg Evensen
Former Kansas State Trooper
May 4, 2008.

Electing contract minded and constitutionally literate officials has been an ongoing struggle for communities and voting districts that have seen only limited success to this date.

More work needs to be done. More effort must be undertaken to assure victory.

Careful use of available resources is required if you to not run out of ammo.

Yes, success can be attained, but this is not a thirty minute stretch of a television sitcom.

This is real.

The effects are real and the ultimate destiny of a nation rests on your strength, courage and determination.

The enemies have had generations, indeed, centuries to unfold their plans. Many of their most devoted visionaries died years ago without seeing the ultimate victory.

They did not quit.

Their fight against us continues with added soldiers sinking millions into the fight for who wins, who controls it all.

Famine, the word not heard here for years, nor even in most other worldly places for several decades, is once again at the door.

Failed genetic engineering, continued drought, and unexpected late freezes in Kansas, are some of the reasons, the surplus is gone.

Countries are closing their ports and borders trying to safeguard dwindling supplies.

The gutless, ineffective and failed UN has entered the scene with no plan but to take from the rich and give to the oppressed.

The hated United States is being pressured to step up to the plate by a greedy and ungrateful world.

Granted, the US has soiled its own mess-kit in many places, but we don't have it to give, either.

Supplies of rice, wheat, wheat products, some canned vegetables and fruit are in extremely short supply or subject to market forces shooting prices up across the board.

Nudging everything along with the grace of a bulldozer is of course big oil.

The convergence of the forces of disaster has finally come into view.

The drumbeat of spiritual horse's hooves are clearly being felt and heard by the astute. I pray that you are among those with ears to hear that which God himself has under His control.

Don't give up. Don't quit.

Keep doing what you do best and stay engaged.

Just work toward self-sufficiency and personal freedom.

My Saturday, Noon to 2pmCDT radio show, Voices from the Heartland on the Republic Broadcasting Network, is leading in this specific area of discussion.

My website is working to greatly expand our ability to service all who regularly visit there.

It is not for personal gain, but to open new doors for networking and to use multi-levels of communication.

We hope to see this completed in the next month or so.

May I say it one more time? Gather in your supplies, look after the less fortunate, and care for the widows and orphans.

Get your family plans in order.

Time is so short.

Update AlterNet.
Survivalists say,"WE TOLD YOU SO"?

A lie can travel halfway around the world, while the truth is putting on its shoes.

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Greg Evensen

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